RESCU chats to Mitchell Coombes, celebrity psychic and medium

Even the most cynical of the RESCU crew can’t deny Mitchell Coombes‘ incredible abilities. Fifth generation psychic, winner of the 2009 NSW Psychic of the year and a regular on various radio slots and television shows, there is no doubt Mitchell is one of Australia’s most trusted psychic mediums.

We chatted to Mitchell about how we can tune into our own psychic abilities and some of the things covered in his latest book ‘Sensing Spirit’.

RESCU: What are your views on life after death?

Mitchell Coombes: I don’t believe that there is such a thing as death in the true sense of the word; I believe our souls continue to live on and love never dies. Death, to me, is a transition from one world to the next.

RESCU: Are we mere mortals able to connect with the other side? What are your tips?

Mitchell Coombes: Absolutely! The more you strain to look for signs from the other side, the more you will overlook them. You need to put your expectations aside and simply acknowledge signs that come your way, like perhaps a song on the radio, finding a feather or having an inspired dream.

Nothing can be put down to just coincidence. If a dog is barking into thin air, it may be a sign – animals are naturally psychic and often see spirits. Begin to take note of these seemingly insignificant signs to start a communication. It is most important that you have an open mind and be still. Write a letter, light a candle and meditate, you will be more likely to connect when you stop rushing around.

RESCU: What are your views on Séances and Ouija boards?

Mitchell Coombes: I am not a fan of Ouija boards. They can be very dangerous for amateurs to use as they draw a lot of energy. I certainly would advise never to drink or have the wrong intentions when using one. Kids in particular can be really traumatised by the experience so it is important to avoid this practice or take extra care with it. I once used a ouija board at a party when I was young and inexperienced. The spirit went quickly from positive to malicious. Books came flying from the shelf and I was sick for days. I can’t stress enough how important it is to use correct psychic protection when using one. It is not a party trick; it must be used carefully and correctly.

RESCU: Typically, what do people come to see you for and what type of people come to you for guidance?

Mitchell Coombes: I have given readings to people from all walks of life! Most commonly, people are seeking reassurance on life after death or a message from the other side. There has been a recent emergence of straight-laced people coming in for readings. As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are beginning to understand there is more to life than the physical realm we are familiar with. It is fine to be sceptical but to be a cynic closes the door to opportunity. I am not out to convert anyone or force belief upon anyone.

RESCU: How can we make peace with someone who has passed?

Mitchell Coombes: I suggest you light a candle and write a letter to them. You need to release and let go. You can use a spiritual prayer box to do this as well. Remember that people who have passed do not come from a place of judgement. When we pass, we see a bigger perspective and see more. I have seen many relationships between my client and their loved ones on the other side.

RESCU: What are Angels and spirit guides?

Mitchell Coombes: We are spirit residing in the human world. We are here to learn from the experience. Spirit guides can be people we know well or people we don’t know at all. I believe in guardian angels and spirit guides. Spirit guides are old souls; they have powerful wisdom. Angels have never been on earth but they assist and guide us on major issues.

My personal spirit guide came to me in four red feathers. In meditation I heard the word red feather and then asked for my spirit guide to reveal himself to me in a dream. After a talk at a psychic festival, a woman came up to me and gave me an envelope. She grabbed my hand and said the number four and red feathers are important to me. The envelope contained a picture of a native Indian with four red feathers in his headdress. When you let go of expectations, you are more open to receiving potential messages, guidances and healing remedies.

RESCU: You are also a very celebrated psychic. Tell us about some of your big predictions.

Mitchell Coombes: Live on Newcastle radio station 106.9 NXFM; I predicted Kevin Rudd would not serve a full term in government, and that Britney Spears would make a comeback when all hope was thought lost.

RESCU: That’s incredible. What do you see in the future for our new Prime Minister Julia Gillard?

Mitchell Coombes: I see Gillard as a strong contender as the first official female prime minister. While I don’t follow politics, I see her turning the country around in a positive way.

RESCU: And what about Peter Costello? Will he make a come back?

Mitchell Coombes: I am going to read my tarot cards for this. You know I first started reading the cards when I was 12. Okay, the cards reveal there will be headlines around Costello for all the wrong reasons.

We were fascinated with Coombes’ idea of the Spiritual Prayer Box, here is an extract from ‘Sensing Spirit’ on this amazing tool which can be used to communicate with the other side:

“Another wonderful way to dial Spirit and help others is to create a spiritual prayer box. Start by choosing a gorgeous box (shoebox size or smaller is ideal). Most craft stores sell pre-made boxes. Express your artistic soul – decorate your own. Some people even include words like trust, love, and eternity in their designs. If you don’t have the luxury of spare time, visit your local newsagent or discount variety store. Choose a box from the fun range of decorated gift boxes found in store.

Once you have your spiritual prayer box, place it somewhere in your home that is sacred to you. To dial a spirit prayer for someone you love – living or passed – write his or her name on a piece of paper. Next to the name, write your wish. For example, Aunty Flow – may you find happiness in the Afterlife; Judy, my best friend – may you be blessed with amazing exam results; and Edna, my dear old neighbour – may your broken leg heal soon. You can even write one for yourself.

Once your wish is complete, place it inside the box. I often create prayers for healing, happiness, prosperity, peace, courage, faith and love. Spirit is always listening and willing to help those in need. Once a day, hold the spiritual prayer box in your hands. Close your eyes and focus your energy on the prayer box. Forward all your messages to Spirit and ask that your special prayers be answered in the wisest and most wonderful way.”

Extract from Sensing Spirit by Mitchell Coombes, $29.99, published by Simon & Schuster, Australia.

Make sure to pick up a copy of Mitchell Coombes’ amazing book. It is a fascinating read that covers all your burning questions about psychic powers and the afterlife. Coombes shares stories of his life as a medium and reveals the ways in which spirits try and connect with their loved ones. Available through Simon & Schuster in good bookshops everywhere (RRP $29.99)

To learn more about Mitchell Coombes, go to his website:

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