Myofascial and Ayurvedic Massage Treatment

We all know the benefit of massage as a healing modality. Whether you’re treating sore muscles or a sore heart, the power of touch and restorative massage is a time honoured treatment to soothe jangled nerves and bring about a feeling of wellness.

Olivia Ferrari is a different kind of massage therapist.

Between the practices she learned in India and Australia she has created a type of massage that incorporates several modes of healing drawn from Eastern and Western cultures.

We experienced the life affirming and energy shifting treatment for ourselves and can say this is something very special.

MyoFascial Treament by Olivia Ferrari

To the rookie we can call it Deep Tissue massage. I use a light oil and combine a series of targeted strokes (depending on the preference of the individual).

For the more seasoned massagee I use techniques in myofascial release, Indian natural medicine, energy balance and my own intuition. All of my massages are customised to the person on the bed, their needs and what I can see needs to be addressed.

So what is Myofascial?

Myo is the Latin word for muscle and fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds and seals every cell in the body. It is the fascia that contains and forms our body into the human shape. Not only does it surround every cell but it also acts as a barrier between every cell in a fluid-like web. Fascia is, in fact, our largest organ, contrary to popular belief that our skin is our largest organ. Fascia is so integral to the way we feel as it intertwines through our entire being from the cell, to muscles, organs, nerves, spinal cord, skin and bones. It is the only system in the body that touches all of the other systems and it is within this system that blockages, stiffness, immobility, tension and emotions can be stored.

This massage integrates the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda (Indian Natural Medicine) and modern health science with specific reference to myofascial release. In the West we focus majorly on the science of human anatomy and physiology, whereas in the East we look deeper into the individual’s spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

So what’s different?

I tune into the client’s pain, both physically and emotionally. It is my meditation and mindfulness, starting in India that has allowed me to do this, opening my third eye chakra and using my 6th sense to navigate the individual body.

 Balancing knowledge from both Eastern and Western philosophies has helped me develop a connection between physical and emotional pain. I can then suggest ways to improve both the function of the body and mind which opens up previously blocked channels.

The power is within you

To the client the benefits of the treatment can feel quite subtle at the time but as they explore the advice, and put it into practice, over time they always come back to their own intuition and then my work is done.

Working deep into the fascia, this massage aims to loosen any embedded toxins or stored emotions that may be holding the client back from operating at their highest potential. During the process of this treatment, both the client and masseuse fall into a deep meditative state and finish deeply relaxed.

Massaging the Fascia that runs as deep as in between the bones for example, is where a lot of the body’s emotional storage is. So, you don’t often get deep into those places on a day to day basis, but through massage you can, and through certain exercises as well. This is one way of releasing emotions and traumas that are stored at a physical level. For example, you may have broken your arm when you were four years old, or when your mother hit you when you were four years old. These traumas and emotions can be stored and trapped within the body and massaging it is one way of loosening it up and releasing it.

When I’m touching a body, I might find a knot and then I just get some words in my mind, like her dog passed away. That’s where the pain’s coming from.. I link the physical and the energetic aspects together.

So the treatment is via physical release, energetic release, and then also making the mind aware of what’s coming up. It’s approaching the healing of the issue from a few different angles and that’s why it’s very powerful.

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