Natural Skin Care Remedies

Anthia Koullouros

Naturopath and Holistic Health Expert

As Spring temperatures soar and clothing is peeled, layer by layer, to reveal our forgotten winter skin, we fear the worst. Scales? Flakiness? Dry desert legs and pale complexion? With nourishing, proactive measures you can expose your best summer skin – banishing lizard limbs and revealing luminance.

Exfoliation is key to this approach, as dead skin cells not only clog pores but also render skin dull and lacklustre. Your skin will absorb moisturisers and oils with ease, look younger and appear positively radiant in time for Summer.

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Refine and reveal smooth, luminous skin for the face:

First, purchase a good quality organic cotton muslin cloth. Immerse in warm-to-hot water with 20 drops of organic lavender essential oil (make sure the oil is dispersed well in the water), squeeze out tightly leaving the cloth damp, and then hold over your face for a slow count of 5 or 10, breathing in the calming, soothing lavender scent. Gently compress and wipe. Do this three times, morning and night. A muslin cloth has a special crisscross weave that gently removes dry skin.

The word lavender is derived from the Latin “lavare” meaning “to wash” and is found in many beauty products. In addition, it has skin healing properties and possesses deeply calming and soothing qualities. It can help heal cuts, burns and bruises, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by tightening skin. It is also a great antiseptic for acne and congested, infected skin.

Some of the best Lavender comes from the South of France. The warmth of Provence summers and mild winters make the location perfect for prolific growth.

Refine and reveal smooth, luminous skin for the body:

A gentle scrub can be made from fine sea salt and organic, cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil.

Simply add equal parts of each to a bowl, mix and rub over body skin. This will slough off dry skin, simultaneously nourishing and moisturising. Rub more over dry elbows, knees and calloused feet. Follow scrub with a soak in a warm bath, enjoying the added benefits of cleansing and relaxing in salty water.

All salts are not created equal. Choose sea salt, which contains minerals and trace elements that aid hydration, detoxification and skin healing.

Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties and supports tissue healing and repair. It forms a chemical barrier on the skin to ward off infection and soften dry, flaky and age-spotted skins.

As you can see, creating natural skin care remedies at home is simple, easy and brilliantly economical. Not to mention, healthier for you and the environment. Start nourishing and exfoliating now to beat parched skin and reveal your best, most luminous Summer complexion.


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