The Ultimate Winter Makeup Guide

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

Seasonal trends used to be quite black and white, winter go dark and summer go bright! But rules are made to be broken and why not start now with this autumn winter season.

Lines are blurred in today’s world with what is a rule and what is not. We are seeing touches of summer come through with winter twists and vice versa. The same goes for beauty.

Your beauty look doesn’t need to be as matchy-matchy as in past years, it really is all about dressing for your individual look and personality. But there are some minimal guidelines to follow to help you get into the autumn winter vibe.

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Summer Vs. Winter

Generally in summer we are wearing lots of colour and prints therefore our makeup shouldn’t be too loud, as your whole look will be too busy.

Bronze tones are a big trend for summer and to add a colour pop, its usually applied to the lip.

As the cold sets in, we tend to go a little deeper with our tones.

In the past, grey and granite was a big trend. But these tones don’t always suit everyone, especially if you have dark circles.

It is better to use shades that suit your skin tone and add a touch of winter where you can, The lip is a great place to play with shades, as one colour can immediately change your look from day to night and then from summer to winter.

It is important to know your skin tone, as this will play a big part in the shades you choose, as not every shade in each season will suit everyone.


The underside of your wrist is a great and true place to check your skin tone.

If the veins present are of a blue shade, you are cool, pale (generally pink based) skin tone.

If the veins are of a green shade, you are a warm, olive (generally yellow based) skin tone.

Pink based skin should usually try to stick with warmer, summery tones to tone down the pink in the skin. And olive skin should try and brighten, using colour, to lift what can be a dull skin tone.

New Trends for this Autumn/Winter

Seeing we just spent an entire season whipping out our bronze tones, why change that?

The bronze smokey eye has been a big hit of late and its because it suits everyone. The contouring trend of using nude tones of highlight and shade has seen a big decline in the use of colour on the face, especially the eyes.

The bronze eye makeup look can work for all eye colours. The depth making light eyes pop and because of the warmth, brown eyes are still contrasted.

It’s a very easy, go-to eye makeup look and can definitely work in winter. Even though it may appear like a summer tone, especially when mixed with other rich tones.


In winter our skin can feel tight and dry from lack of oil coming to the surface because of the cool air constricting pores, heating and hot showers.

It is even more important to hydrate and condition the skin, so our textures should be a little extra creamy and illuminating.


Spend that extra minute on a smoothing and illuminating primer under foundation. So once applied, it glows from within.

Only use powder sparingly on t-zone or as needed, don’t powder all over, as it will bring out the dry look that winter skin can show.


If you are a fan on your neutrals and smokey bronze shades, then stick them. They are great for adding a contoured lift to the eye when placed in the socket line.

To winter up your look, try adding rose gold, plum and even navy to your base neutral shades. These shades are very on trend for the season, they contrast from the neutrals to add rich colour, yet still acting as a shade tone for depth.


Apply neutral/bronze tones to the mobile eyelid and socket area.

Add rich plum and/or navy to top and lower lash lines for depth. Only apply in outer socket for a dramatic look.

Line Rose Gold in inner tear duct of the eye and/or layer over neutral on mobile lid.


Winter lips can also become dry; it’s all about the moisture base.

Deep, rich tones such as red wines, berries, chocolate browns can all be a great winter touch to any makeup, but be aware of your lip size.

If your lips are on the smaller side, do not go to deep with a lip colour as it will shorten their size. Rich colours can still be worn, but add a lighter shade, or a touch of lighter gloss in the centre of the mouth for light reflection and pout.

*If Neutral lips are your style, dress up your eyes more. One focus is plenty when it comes to beauty for great balance.


When using your exfoliate product in the shower 1-2 times a week. Very gently apply a little (in soft circular movements) to the lip area for a smooth surface, perfect for a lip stain and no dry bits.

So ladies, glowing skin is always in. Keep your neutral palettes for both seasons and add a little upgrade in rich tones for that winter touch, easy!


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