Lady Friday On New Things To Try In The Bedroom

Need to kick it up a notch?

Let Lady Friday offer you some suggestions.  And trust me, she goes beyond the whole boring tie-them-up, use-a-feather cliche.  See elsewhere in the Lady Friday archives for BDSM and bondage tips – this is for all audiences.

Here are RESCU’s top tips on new, fun, inventive and just-a-little-naughty moves to pull in the bedroom.

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Leave the lingerie on.

A wise man once wrote that the sexiest part of a woman was the flesh showing in the small gap between their clothes.

Invest in some truly mind-blowing lingerie – the kind with intricate ribbons, laces, buttons, etc – and don’t bother letting your partner fiddle with trying to remove it.

Try a corset, stockings or even a voluminous skirt or something similar.  The volume adds to the we-could-get-caught vibe.

Short and tight is all very well, but it’s hardly subtle.  Making them work their way through petticoats is just so bodice-ripper, isn’t it?

Experiment with texture.

Some partners have very sensitive skin, so this is a game best designed for the non-ticklish.

Blindfold them – yes, yes, boring, but bear with me – tie them down, and then use whatever’s at hand to tease various parts of their body.

It’s part guessing game, part power trip, part really funny, particularly if you ask them to guess what you’re using.

And I do mean whatever’s at hand.  Jewellery works well, silk or leather clothing, a small mirror, fur – use hot or cold, soft or hard, and run it in gentle circles around sensitive areas.

When they get it right, move on to the next item.  It’s a grown-up guessing game.

Groom each other.

Never tried washing your lover’s hair?  Shame on you.

There’s something deeply sensual – and very connecting – about the act of taking care of one another in the bath or shower.

Use bath gels, give each other massages, scrub their backs or legs gently, smooth their skin – it’s all about being close.

This isn’t for emotionally disconnected couples, since it’s very intimate and often very vulnerable (we can be curiously helpless with shampoo in our eyes), so use it sparingly.

But in the right conditions it can get steamy.  Rose petals and candles are no match for a deft touch with a bar of massage soap.

Scratch or bite.

This is probably something you need to start with gently, but keep it in mind.

Next time your nails are at a suitably nice length, use them to rake – just gently – down your partner’s back.  If they respond well, do it harder.  Pay attention to their reaction and find a comfortable medium.

The same goes for biting.  Some people love to be held onto with teeth during frenzied sex – other people hate the pain.

It’s animalistic, and it might not be to both of your tastes, but a little bit of primal energy can’t hurt.

Read to one another.

The crucial element of this is – you cannot touch one another, and it has to be the sexiest book you can find.

Be naked, be clothed, whatever – but tell your salacious tale and don’t let your partner get anywhere near you, except for perhaps a single hand or one finger at a time.

Some people are more verbally stimulated than others, so this may drive certain people wild and leave others cold, but if you’re a verbal person (and many women are), it’s worth a try.

Build up to the conclusion – and make sure it’s something properly hot, not a ridiculous thing you’re going to crack up trying to read – and get more and more involved with the story, so to speak.

By the end of the page, your partner won’t be able to stop jumping you.


Lady Friday xx


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