3 Quick-Fixes To Kick Start Your New Year Body Goals

Now the Christmas binge is over, are you ready to kickstart your beautiful body plan? We have three quick-fixes to help.
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1. Banish cellulite

Cursing your thighs in that bodycon dress you bought at the Boxing Day sales? Hypoxi could be for you.

Loved by celebrities such as Robbie Williams and Madonna, Hypoxi is designed to target fat and cellulite in the usual trouble zones.

Designed by Austrian doctor Dr. Norbert Egger, Hypoxi machines are Sci Fi looking contraptions that combine exercise (yes you do have to do put in some effort) with pressure technology that increases blood flow – the two critical elements of fat burning.

Hypoxi has been proven to show better numbers on the tape measure compared with conventional exercise, but be warned: serious commitment is required. You’ll need to visit a Hypoxi studio two to three times a week over four to six weeks for good results and it isn’t cheap. Still, if you have to get into a dress for something special, Hypoxi could just be your saviour.

2. Do a detox

After weeks of champagne, calorie-laden canapés and eating too many a naughty thing (Christmas cake, chocolate, pudding, oh boy…), it may well be time for a bit of detoxing.

If things have been particularly toxic, extreme lengths may be required. Beyoncé resorted to the Lemon Detox Diet to get into her costume for Dreamgirls, but be warned, while the numbers on the scales may go down during the three to ten day detox, you’re probably also losing water and muscle along with the fat. 

For something less demanding, try some good old-fashioned healthy eating. Need help? Sign up to Eat Fit Food and they’ll send you your daily meals for ten days to get you back on track. Yes, the usual suspects like dairy, wheat and alcohol are off limits and you’ll have to abstain at social functions, but at least getting through won’t send you completely nuts.

Just interested in giving the liver a bit of a kick-start? Buy yourself a packet of Dr. Stuart’s Liver Detox tea. Yep, it tastes really quite awful, but you can feel virtuous as you sip; added dandelion and milk thistle will get your insides firing.

3. Train like a celebrity

If you want to trim down and learn some new moves, Tracy Anderson may just be the trainer for you.

With diehard celebrity fans like Gwyneth Paltrow, Courteney Cox and Madonna (up until recently), New York dancer-turned-celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson says she can get just about anyone a “teeny tiny dancer’s body.”

Her secret? Daily exercise, (“do thirty minutes of cardio training and thirty minutes of muscular structure…six days a week for the rest of your life,” says Anderson) and high reps with low weight.

“Fitness is all about high repetitions and low resistance. I mean 60 reps with 10 different exercises using weights of three pounds [approx. 1.3 kg] or below,” instructs Anderson.

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