How Setting Intentions Helps Smash Goals

Simonne Lee

Life Strategist

You’ve started the year full of wonderful resolutions and good intentions. You have your plan of attack and with gusto, you’re on a mission for the year – or so you thought!

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So how do you put our New Year Resolutions into play, going from a good intention to following through and creating the change we want?

I will always encourage my clients to write down what they want to achieve for the year. I call this ‘your intentions’.

For example:

– Increase your fitness and physical strength
– Change your financial situation
– Look for that new job
– Transform your eating habits

Intentions can be used as goal posts – the direction you want to move towards. Our intentions are our yearnings, our desires in life. These desires can trigger our motivation into action and fulfil our intentions.

One of the downfalls of creating an intention list, for many of us will create this list just like a shopping list. Without consideration of how it will impact on us physically, emotionally and mentally on a daily basis. We may like the sound or the idea of the intention but have no inclination or attachment to the outcome. Meaning there is no investment for achieving the outcome. It’s important to make the time to daydream, how you will feel when completing the intention. All you have to do is imagine, this will create an attachment to the desired outcome.

– How will my body feel?
– How your self-talk will support you on a daily basis?
– How you will feel emotionally?

A simple daily practice (of up to 5 minutes) letting yourself experience how you would feel, allows you to sense in the present moment. Becoming more and more familiar with these sensations and thoughts.

The second part that I guide my clients towards is to set the theme they would like for the year. A theme is what you would like to feel more often, regularly throughout the year. It can be as simple as ‘enjoyment’. A theme for the year sets the tone for ‘how’ you go about finding your momentum for your intentions. Our theme reminds us to step into the feeling of what you want more often. Just imagine feeling enjoyment more often, checking in and reminding your self of the sensations and feelings of enjoyment everyday. Our theme is a mindful practice that brings us straight back into the moment and resetting of a habit to observe and notice enjoyment regularly.

Mindfulness is a strategic tool that can create pleasure as we reset our awareness to pick up signs of our chosen theme. Our theme is about the journey not necessarily the achievement of the goal. I personally, am all for achievement, however the journey is just as important as the destination. The journey is what develops our new skills and experience of life, the theme, is our daily does of satisfaction.

4 step guide to finding your momentum with your resolutions

1. Write our what you would like to achieve for the year

– Take the time to sit and think about what you would like your intentions to be for the year.
– Bring the list back to three to five intentions for the year.

2. Daily dose of imagining (up to five minutes)

– How you would feel having achieved your intentions?
– How your body would feel (body language)?
– What your thought process would be like?

3. Create a theme for the year. What you want to feel throughout the year? This will create a mindful practice of checking in with yourself and being aware of your feelings.

4. Create a plan of how to implement your intentions – action plans so you create new habits to support your intentions.

Now that we have our intentions and theme for the year, it’s easier to reset our mind, body and emotions, creating alignment in our desired outcome. Instead of reality shocking the system, we’ve crafted an attachment to our intentions, to our outcome.

Having a mission with a theme is a game changer. Forget about running out of steam to complete those resolutions, now that you have your plan of attack, you get to experience your theme every single day for the rest of the year. I don’t know about you but I’m off to enjoy myself today!


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