Why Women of This Race Doesn’t Get Fat and How To Beat The Bulge

If there is one race that doesn’t seem to gain weight, there must be secrets in their lifestyle we all want to know. Nutrition expert, Zoe Bingley-Pullin tells us why French women don’t get fat and how you can beat the bulge the French way.

After living in France on-and-off for two years I became familiar with all of the delicious reasons French women don’t get fat despite their famous love for food and wine.


Here are some of my top tips to beat the bulge the French way.

– Don’t heat olive oil beyond 180C otherwise you will convert it into a trans-fatty-acid. Baste the protein (fish, chicken, beef, pork) with a little olive oil, sear the meat on either side and than turn the pan to a low temperature. This will keep the oil stable and keep the meat moist.

– Buy healthy, high protein snacks for the week this will stop you grabbing the last minute unhealthy snack for the vending machine. Nuts, yoghurt, hummus, cottage cheese, tinned fish, boiled eggs, miso soup.

– Make a shopping list on Sunday or Monday morning, and buy the food you will require for your lunches and snacks for the week.

– Drink 2L of liquid per day; this can be in the form of water or herbal teas. Buy a 1.5L bottle of water and keep it at your desk.

– Keep fresh unsalted & raw nuts and seeds in your desk for a great vegetarian protein snack.

– Aim to eat small healthy meals every 3-4 hours, this will maintain an active metabolism and regulate your blood sugar levels.

– Include a good source of meat or vegetarian protein with each meal. 1g of meat protein per kg of body weight e.g. 75kg = 75g of protein.

– Eat a diet high in low GI carbohydrates (whole grain, fruit, vegetables) and low in high GI carbohydrates (white bread, and pasta).

– Exercise in the morning to help kick start your metabolic rate therefore burning more calories throughout the day. Walk or cycle rather than drive when you can to slowly burn calories throughout the day.

– Drink no more than 1 cup of coffee (preferably black) or 2 teas per day.

– Reduce alcohol. 2 glasses of wine or 2 glass beers per day with 3 alcohol-free days.

– And most importantly; take the time to stop and enjoy the food you are eating! This will assist digestion and enjoyment, the French are famous for eating mindfully.


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