October’s New Moon Affirmation

Meanwhile, the New Moon will take place in the sign of Libra on October 20 at 6:12am. The New Moon, as you might already know, is the time to set our intentions and make our wishes. Because this is the annual New Moon in the relationship-oriented sign of Libra, this is the New Moon to make some wishes on about your most important relationships. That can include personal or professional relationships.

Astrologer Yasmin Boland says, if you want happier times with someone in your life, this is the month to make that an official intention. Write it down on the day of the New Moon, write down what action you’re willing to take to make it happen and then keep the idea that your relationship with X or Y is going to get better over the coming month – and see what happens!

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The affirmation for the New Moon in October … life is beautiful!

The Libra New Moon energy asks you to get back into your heart chakra and to remember all the beauty in the world. For some people, doing a digital, TV or news media detox allows them to reconnect with the beauty within.

Ask yourself these questions under this week’s New Moon in Libra.

How well do you relate to others?

Libra is the sign of partnership so use this month to ask yourself how well you’re getting on with the important people in your life, and whether a little harmonization and negotiation would serve you better.

Libra is all about harmony and cooperation, so bring these back into your life if they have been missing.

The energy of Libra is about give and take, but more about give.

It’s you rather than me. How are you doing when it comes to being a friend, a lover, a partner, a co-worker or even an ex?

Have a think about it. Journal about it if you’re really serious about living consciously and intentionally.

How good a partner are you?

Partnerships in particular get special attention under a Libra New Moon.

If your marriage or your business partnership need work, issues may well arise now – all the better for you to sort them out.

Libra is very social and diplomatic, so bring those qualities to the fore now as the New Moon is in this lovely and charming sign.

Have a think about this. Journal about it if you’re really serious about living consciously and intentionally.


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