Never Spend Christmas Alone Again

Christmas Day is a time spent with the ones you love, and being able to spread joy and happiness with others. However, not everyone is able to be in the same place as their family and friends on christmas, or may have lost the ones they love. Don’t worry, Orphan Christmas is here to help!

Orphan Christmas is a website that was created in full festive cheer to encourage people to open their hearts and doors to those in the community who may otherwise spend this special time alone.

orphan1Image via Orphan Christmas 

There are many who, for a multitude of reasons, don’t have a place to go and celebrate on Christmas Day. From divorcees, students and travellers, to the elderly or those who are hospitalised or homeless – the Orphan Christmas website was created to connect to one another to share a Christmas Day experience.

Whether it’s sharing your table or creating your very own celebration with other orphans, the Orphan Christmas website is a platform that allows you to post or create an event and connect with others – think Tinder for Christmas Day!

The top 5 reasons for an Orphan Christmas:

1. Disconnection from family, divorce or family members who just don’t get along

2. Travellers, ex-pats or work commitments which keep them away from home

3. Student who are away from home and can’t afford to travel

4. Religious reasons

5. Elderly people who cannot travel or join other family members

Tips for a great Orphan Christmas Day:

1. Spread the word about your Orphan Christmas invite to expats, travellers, students and random strangers you bump into down the street – the last factor is usually the most important.

2. Set a time (the date is sorted!) and place – if no-one has digs big enough, it can be in a park or at the beach (easier in Australia or other hot countries!) – or, if the climate isn’t so kind, ask the local council if there is a space or hall you can hire and all chip in.

3. Get everyone to bring a plate of something savoury and something sweet, and a bottle of something nice or naughty – and put in a special request for some traditional Christmas food from their own country/home.

4. Stock up on silly hats, crackers, noisy poppers and Christmas crackers.

5. Don’t forget the Christmas Pudding! If you get your act together early enough, consider ordering one of the Most Amazing Christmas Puddings On Earth from the Royal Flying Doctor Service Women’s Auxiliary in Broken Hill – they make and deliver more than 2000 a year all over the world!

6. Get everyone coming to bring a silly Kris Kringle (random present) to the value of $10 each, and a $10 donation that everyone can chip in for our fantastic charity, A Touch of Goodness which feeds the homeless at Christmas and all year round.

7. Nominate someone to play Santa and have them give out the presents from a big, bottomless sack. If they are happy to don a red suit and a white beard, all the better! Make sure they ho-ho-ho and take turns taking pictures of all the orphans sitting on their knee. *For the adventurous only!

8. Put a few revellers on tree decoration duty and be inventive with the tree – it can be a fallen branch from the park, a plastic wonderland from the supermarket, a second hand one from the op shop or the whole shebang, if someone volunteers to bring the real deal. Decorate on arrival with the music blaring and the champagne flowing.

9. Make sure you have some mistletoe to encourage random displays of affection.

10. Regale each other with stories of your worst and best Christmas moments ever, then kick back, make new friends, discover new traditions and enjoy!



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