Was Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Engagement Written In The Stars?

Yasmin Boland

Astrology Expert

Prince Harry must have a cosmic whisperer in his ear…

As you probably saw yesterday, Prince Harry and his finance actress Meghan Markle held an interview in the grounds of Kensington Palace, which was broadcast around the world.

With the Suits beauty by his side, Harry commented that “the stars were aligned when I met Meghan.” How right he was!


In fact, given that he said they met last summer (after being set up by a friend), it seems that the start of their relationship was downright blessed by a highly auspicious meeting between romance and riches planet Venus and the planet of plenty, Jupiter.

To bring things back to basics, Harry is an earthy Virgo and Meghan is fiery Leo. This was evident for all to see during the interviews yesterday, where Meghan was clearly the more at ease of the two.

This is not just because she’s a seasoned actress and used to being in the glare of the media, though. It is actually strongly reflected in their star signs.

Virgos are relatively meek and mild compared to shiny, happy Leos. Virgos are ok to hang back and be of service. Leos want to be front and centre. The good news though is that Leos tend to be generous and magnanimous as well. So Meghan is likely to be as much about doing good with her new ‘power’ as Harry has long been with his. Think about his army service to his country and his African charity work and you start to get a sense of how he wants to help. Leo Meghan will be generous with her time and perhaps his or her money, when it comes to supporting his causes and starting her own.

In fact while Leo and Virgo is a slightly odd match, it should be noted that they have other very powerful cosmic connections;

Meghan’s love planet Venus is in Harry’s Sun sign of Virgo, for a start. The love they clearly feel for each other is as deep as it is passionate, too, thanks to an intense Venus/Pluto in their natal horoscopes, which speaks of a strong love and sexual connection.

LOVVVVEImage via pinterest 

Venus is love and pleasure, Pluto is passionate to say the least. Think about that for a moment and you start to get an idea of the dynamic between them.

Moreover, they also have a glorious Saturn Venus link in their compatibility chart, which speaks of the prospect of a long and steady commitment to each other.

As for the stars being aligned when they met, in fact, they met when, they certainly were. The couple revealed they met “last summer”. Looking at the last month of summer, August 2017, when the relationship apparently gelled , the planet of plenty and good times, Jupiter, was in Virgo, uniting them. In other words, the planet of good luck and joy was in the same part of the skies as Harry’s Sun and Meghan’s Venus. This is highly auspicious for a love match.

On top of that, Venus was there too. In fact, it seems they were falling in love under the annual Venus/Jupiter conjunction – that’s like astrological jargon for saying “lots and lots of love is in the air” as they first feel for each other!

So yes, you could say that the stars were most certainly aligned when Harry met Meghan and history was made!


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