This New Years Cleansing Ritual Will Make You Positive About 2018

Create your own destiny with psychic Bella Gill. She has a simple new year cleansing ritual to help banish negativity and start this year afresh…

We all know the expectations that come with a new year. The promise of a brand new slate that fills us with optimism, armed with our resolutions and intentions, we are super charged to succeed. But what happens when we find ourselves right back where we were?

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What happens when the ‘new’ is dragging along the ‘old’ right beside it? How do we say goodbye to last year’s negative experiences/challenges and patterns and say hello to the new?

It begins with getting clear about exactly where the negativity is residing in our lives. Where are we feeling stuck? And from there, identifying what it is we DO want.

Here’s a simple New Year’s Ritual to get you started….

1. Find a quiet place to do your ritual, preferably your own home/room or space.
2. Light a white candle and imagine a white light around you.
3. Take a few deep breaths, get centred. I find it helpful to imagine my feet on the ground to really get out of your head and back into my body.
4. Now once you feel centred, on a piece of paper write down the area of your life you’re unhappy with, what you want to let go of, or leave behind. Be specific, keep writing till you feel you have it all out of your system.
5.Then put that piece of paper aside, and on another piece, write down all the things you do want to bring into your life this year, all the positive experiences you wish to attract to yourself.
6. Then take the piece of paper with all your negatives and burn it. Once you have done so throw the ashes outside and as you do, say goodbye.
7. Then wash your hands, take the piece of paper with everything you are attracting and place it beside your bed, read it each morning for 7 days, or review it any time the negatives come back to haunt you.

And remember, it takes commitment to bring about change, magic happens, but not by itself, you’re the secret ingredient.
With love and blessings,

Bella x

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