Delicious Raw Vegan ‘Cheese’ Recipe

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love a melting cheese taste and texture. The problem is that lots of  cheese is not good for you. Celebrity personal trainer and founder of Raw Fit Ricardo Riskalla shares his favourite raw vegan cheese recipe so we can enjoy our favourite snack without the guilt!

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Being a vegan has a lot of benefits and the vegan movement has kicked in very strongly in the last 10 years. Now we know much more about raw vegan cuisine and how to recreate amazing tastes, including the cheese taste and flavor. Raw vegan cheeses are the latest and one of the trendiest ingredients to arrive in most grocers.
It is easy to make and perfect for your health. It contains live probiotics that benefit your gut, skin and health. This is one of the recipes that I make over and over again and never get sick of it.
You can eat it by itself, with fruit, with honey, in a raw sandwich, in salads – the sky is the limit here!

Raw Vegan Cheese Recipe

What you’ll need:
High speed blender
Food dehydrator


2 cups of raw cashews
2 cups of filtered water
3 tablespoons of dairy free probiotic powder


Blend all ingredients in the high speed blender, then put it in a covered glass container. Put it in the food dehydrator (at 38 degrees Celsius) for 12 hours. Afterwards, keep it in the fridge.
Tips: Spread a thin layer of this cheese on a teflex sheet and dehydrate it for 6 hours at 38 degrees Celsius. You will have a “mozzarella” sliced cheese.
After the cheese is cultured for 12 hours in the dehydrator you can use a big cookie cutter and pour the mixture into it and dehydrate it for another 48 hours in the food dehydrator (at 38 degrees Celsius) then you will have the most amazing cheese cake. You can keep it like that in the fridge for weeks. The older it is, the better it gets.
Feature image via pinterest
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