Real Women Review Bio-Oil

Everybody’s talking about Bio-Oil. The multi-tasking beauty staple makes big skin-loving claims and is reportedly used by the likes of Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Connelly, Rachel Zoe and Natalie Portman. With natural ingredients like antioxidant-rich Vitamins A and E, skin is left feeling soft and pampered immediately after application, a dream for dry or damaged skin.

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Bio-Oil offers specialised skincare for five major skin problems – scarring, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, ageing skin and dehydration. To discover whether this wonder treatment lives up to its incredible reputation, RESCU recruited real women with each of the five major skin problems to put Bio-Oil to the test.

Here’s what they had to say…

100% said that their skin felt smoother, softer or more moisturised after using Bio-Oil

92% loved the silky, quick-absorbing texture of Bio-Oil

96% noticed a visible difference to their skin concerns after just one month of use, with even better results expected after the suggested three months

Women with Scarring:

Julie M, NSW, loved the softening effect on her scars saying that Bio-Oil ‘softened the skin in surrounding areas and lessened the raised look. I think my scars have faded a little, am planning on continuing to use it. A great product and will buy again.’

Stacey H, WA, enjoyed the feeling of Bio-Oil on her skin, saying, ‘I have been using the Bio-Oil mostly on my scars but because I loved it so much I have extended the use to other parts of my body. It is now essential for me to be using Bio-Oil morning and night.’

Christine Y, VIC, was impressed by the effect of Bio-Oil on her scars, saying, ‘it worked better on my older scarring which surprised me.’ Christine went on to say that it was ‘very handy that you don’t have to wait long for it to absorb, so you can get dressed shortly after applying.’

Alison M, WA, noticed an immediate change in the feel of her skin. ‘I could see the difference within 2 days of using the product. Scars that I’ve had for years started to look softer and the affected skin was softer.’

Effie B, VIC, experienced a surprising change in her scars, ‘My scars were quite new, and quite itchy. The one unexpected (and delightful) consequence was that the oil reduced the itchiness significantly! The oil has helped my scars lose their dark colour, and they now look more like the rest of my natural skin colour. The scars are also softer to touch.’

Women with Stretch Marks:

Nikki T, NSW, says ‘I love it! This is exactly what I want from a body oil because I don’t want to walk around feeling greasy. What we need Bio-Oil provides.’

Elise H, VIC, gained summer confidence with Bio-Oil saying, ‘It has made my stretch marks fade which has made me feel a lot more confident wearing a bikini.’

Annamaree M, QLD noticed a visible difference in her stretch marks. ‘I’ve found they have faded and the ones on my hips I’m finding that I have to twist and turn to be able to see them in the mirror whereas before I could see them with ease.’ Annamaree continued, ‘I have only positive things to say about Bio-Oil… I love the scent, the texture, love how it makes my skin feel extra soft, extremely good value.’

Sarah W, NSW, said that her stretch marks were ‘still visible, but much lighter in colour.’ She adds, ‘I love the consistency of the oil and the way it left my skin feeling. I love using it after my shower of a morning and night because it meant my skin was hydrated all day/night long.’

Kelly S, QLD, loved the quick-absorbing texture of Bio-Oil calling it ‘Fantastic! Who has time to wait for anything to air dry? I would rub onto my skin and within a minute I was able to get dressed knowing no oil marks would end up on my clothes. Brilliant.’ Kelly went on to say that ‘there certainly was a change in the colour of my stretch marks, had faded the lines so they are not noticeable any longer, very happy with the result this summer.’

Women with Ageing Skin:

Pernilla S, NSW, noted that ‘my skin tone is more even, my scars and stretchmarks have become less visible. I’m happy with the result and I think that if I stick with it a few more weeks the result will be even better. Thank you for the Opportunity to trial Bio-Oil. I love it. Even my husband has started using it on his scars.’

Marie G, VIC, enjoyed the ease of a multi-tasking product, noting,  ‘I enjoyed the ease & simplicity of this wonderful product. It was the quickest & easiest skincare product that I have ever used. I also found it extremely nourishing & my skin felt so moisturised & soft afterwards.’

Michelle R, QLD, received praise for her improved skin. ‘After two weeks of use I was complimented on my skin looking younger and refreshed. That never happens! I’ve noticed that my skin tone looks more ‘even’ since using this product.’

Anita K, QLD, loved the visible improvement to her skin, from head to toe, saying, ‘I have decades of wear and tear that no other product has diminished or markedly improved, and had reached the point of just getting on with living with scars and ageing skin. Cracked heels, rough elbows, and ‘Old lady’ spots on the backs of my hands have now gone.  With continued use I expect to see an old scar fade even more than it has so far!’

Ailsa K, NSW, noticed a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.Best of all was how other people noticed – I was assumed to be younger than my little sister (who now is using Bio-Oil to ensure that never happens again) and even my teenage son complimented me.’

Women with Dehydrated Skin: 

Carolyn F, NSW, enjoyed the moisture surge, saying, ‘I noticed an improvement to my skin from the first time I applied Bio-Oil. The t-section of my face felt instantly dewy and completely like I had just applied a moisturising cream.’

Jessica E, NSW, noticed a decrease in dryness, saying, ‘After about three weeks of use (applying twice daily) I noticed my skin was slightly softer to touch and looked smoother. The regular itchiness I experienced caused by dryness also decreased and I expect that continued use will only continue to improve my skin’s hydration!

Tania E, WA, thought Bio-Oil was perfect for summer skin. ‘It was great after a day out in the ocean or the pool as my skin tends to end up pretty dehydrated, it felts soft and smooth the next morning.’

Stephanie L, VIC, says ‘following chemotherapy causing my skin to become extremely dry (from head to toe), the opportunity to give this product an opportunity was very timely.  I think the best quality of the product is the speed and ease with which it absorbs into the skin and I was pleasantly surprised to find that, whilst it was an oil, it wasn’t really oily.

Monique F, QLD, loved her newly ‘glowing’ skin. ‘The results were pretty amazing. There is no denying that it hydrates skin and leaves it softer and smoother.’

Women with Uneven Skin Tone:

Daptal C, VIC, gained a more even skin tone, saying, ‘I had some burn marks on my hands and I can see them becoming a little more lighter now and probably will blend with the skin tone eventually.’ She added, ‘I am so impressed with the oil that I started using it for my 3 year old.’

Angela L, QLD, says ‘It really did help to subtly improve the appearance of my uneven skin tone. I look forward to using it for the recommended three months and seeing even more improvement in my skin. I also loved that it left my skin feeling so soft, smooth and supple.’

Katrina J, NSW, is a Bio-Oil convert, claiming ‘Bio-Oil has changed my skin for the best! I have used it religiously for the last month on my whole body and face as I loved it that much and ditched all my moisturisers. My skin is now much more hydrated, my skin tone appears to be more even and most of all my skin is softer than ever!’

Jessica J, ACT, was impressed by the effect of Bio-Oil on discolouration. ‘My skin tone itself is glowing and it feels a little more even and the marks and slight discolouration on some parts of my body are a lot less noticeable.’

Kathy B, WA, raved about the impact of Bio-Oil on her skin, saying ‘Bio-Oil I love, love, love it. I am 47 years old and someone thought I was 38 the other day. I am a sun worshipper from years gone by, so by rights I should have sun damaged skin, but I don’t. I owe it all to Bio-Oil.’

Bio-Oil is available from pharmacies and department stores nationwide – click here for stockist information

RRP: 60ml $14.96, 125ml $24.95, 200ml $34.95

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