6 Fitness Resolutions You Will Actually Keep For A Better Body

Sally Matterson

Fitness Expert

Want practical Fitness Resolutions you will actually find easy to keep this year?

Fat loss and having a trimmer body is all about consistency. Make it a habit and you hardly have to think about it being an effort. It will naturally start to become automatic and in turn you will reap the reward of a better beach body!

Besides being consistent with your training, other factors play a major role like nutrition & lifestyle.

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Here are my top 6 Fitness Resolutions you will actually keep for a better body:

-ALWAYS cook more than what you need for your evening meal.

Usually my lunch or breakfast will be dinner left overs. I believe in a protein breakfast for the best results so if you have no time in the morning to cook this is a perfect option.

For example a chicken stir-fry or a clean spaghetti recipe with beef mince will taste amazing the next day!

-Get off your electronic devices at night!

Although I do not like to bite the hand that feeds me I also have a responsibility to share my knowledge regarding health and hormone balance. Research shows our bodies release the hormone dopamine and cortisol when we concentrate. For better body fat composition these hormones are better released in the AM and then shut off in the PM. The hormone that then should be released in PM, the feel good hormone, serotonin, which is usually when we relax.

Unfortunately prolonged hours on our mobile devices or laptops etc. can lead to hormone imbalance by overproducing the hormone cortisol and in turn fat gain! A simple solution is to have a shut down time. I will try to stop the use of mobile phones & other electronical devices after 8pm. You will sleep betted and feel less stressed!

-Keep a fresh change of gym gear and runners at work

Just in case I forget them or conveniently forget to bring them…it is also one less thing I need to pack each day in my gym bag!

This little tip has saved me from time to time and is very useful if you are a bit forgetful or under a lot of stress and pressure which often does not help brain function and increases forgetfulness.

-Invest in a 2L stainless steel drink bottle

It helps me to stay on track during the day with my water consumption. The ecofriendly stainless steel also has no nasty chemicals which you will often find in plastics. Research shows these chemicals can disrupt our hormone balance which can lead to weight gain.

Throw out any old plastic bottles you have today and go stainless steel…you will never look back!

-Schedule sessions with a training buddy with similar goals.

It cost less than a personal trainer and you have more accountability. Most of us do not like to let people down so it is a great way to stay on track with your training goals.

If your friends & family are not that reliable, sign up to a small group PT session. They cost less than a one on one session & often the trainer can keep you accountable with lifestyle and nutrition which is 80% of the battle!

-Use a small tackle box for supplements.

I am a big believer in the introduction of supplements for the stressed out & over fat individual. They help to balance hormones and shred fat but we need to stay consistent at taking them!

I fill up each compartment with my magnesium, omega 3, betaine HCI, multi & probiotic which will last up to 4 weeks before I need to refill again. It is convenient as I can fit it in my handbag when I am out for the day and it saves me lugging around multiple large supplements bottles in my handbag as well as counting them all out individually before meals.

Implementing just one or two of the points above will see a great improvement in body fat as well as energy and quality of life this year. I look forward to seeing your progress in 2016!
For more information on my training, nutrition and supplementation for hormone balance & fat loss go to www.sallymatterson.com.au

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