RESCU Review: The Latest Skin Treatments For Instantly Glowing Skin

Bahar Etminan

Founder and Editor of

With summer just a few months away, it’s the perfect time to get your skin in top shape with the latest strengthening and anti-ageing skin treatments. Here are a few of our favourites pre-summer skin boosters that RESCU founder and editor Bahar Etminan has put to the test. Get ready to glow!

TREATMENT: Clear + Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant is a fractional laser treatment that rejuvenates your skin helping to treat any existing skin ageing, while also preventing early signs of ageing. Clear + Brilliant treats a range of skin concerns including smoothing your skin tone and texture, boosting elasticity, increasing firmness and helping to minimise pores.

What to expect:

I was looking for a treatment to restore my skin’s glow, smoothness and collagen. Winter is always a low point in beauty and after a hectic few months finishing my book, staying up late to write after a full day of working and being a mum, I was in need of a miracle. Dr Hkeik my skin svengali is a huge fan of Clear and Brilliant laser and I had seen the dramatic before and after results from the make overs we did for RESCU Me! book. I didn’t need a lot of convincing to have two treatments.

It’s fast (45 minutes), pain free (your face is entirely numbed ahead of the procedure) with very little down time. The first week after the treatment my skin had a slightly dry and almost sunburned texture, which gave way to serious smoothness and glow. I stopped using active products for the week and treated my skin to mega soothing and rich face creams. I loved the Ultraceuticals B2 serum for hydration and slathered on Obagi Moisturiser for post treatment. My skin drank it up and it felt and looked fabulous.

skintreat1 Down time:

I was red for about three hours after the treatment and woke up the next day to very plump and radiant skin.

Post treatment care: Obagi Hydrate Luxe, $79.95 and soothing balm Cosmedix Rescu +, $59.



After two treatments spread 4 weeks apart, I can honestly say this is now my favourite dermal treatment. The results are outstanding and highly visible. The compliments have come in thick and fast and my skin continued to look and feel better four weeks after my last treatment.

Available from Dr Hkeik at All Saints Medical Clinic 

For more information call 1800 722 442


TREATMENT: Caviar Lift Facial

A decadent facial that instantly firms, nourishes and evens skin tone using caviar pearls and a sumptuous face and eye massage.

What to expect:

 “I have been a devotee of La Prairie Caviar products and facials for nearly 15 years. My first La Prairie facial changed the way I viewed facials and what they can actually do for your beauty and wellbeing.

The deluxe 90 minute treatment delivered by expert hands at the Crown Melbourne Spa was deeply relaxing, luxurious and effective. Starting with the signature back massage, I felt the tension melt away before the therapist worked her magic on my tired and dehydrated complexion. After the treatment, I could see the colour return to my face and immediately fine lines and under eye shadows vanished. My skin also felt instantly smoother and more plump.

What I particularly love about La Prairie facial treatments is the lymphatic drainage massage under the eyes and along the jawline.”

skintreat3Down time: None

Post treatment care: La Prairie Skin Caviar Collection




My face always looks lifted and more contoured after a La Prairie facial which is not what you would get from an ordinary treatment. I was able to go out that evening without wearing foundation because my skin was even toned and utterly radiant.

 Cost: $265

Available from The Crown Spa in Melbourne and The Darling Spa in Sydney

For more information:, 1800 649 849



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