Resveratrol: The New Anti-Ageing Miracle Pill?

resveratrolHave you heard of Resveratrol? No? Then read on to discover why the international scientific community and anti-ageing experts are dubbing this the anti-ageing miracle pill.

What’s the buzz?

Resveratrol is being touted as the supplement of all supplements, peddled as the pill to bestow longevity on your life line – whilst fighting cancer, hearing loss and many more ageing illnesses along the way.

What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is an antioxidant compound found in the skin of red grapes and other plants including Japanese Knotweed explains Bioglan Naturopath Daniela Fra.

“As an antioxidant, Resveratrol supports the body’s resistance against oxidative stress and to help protect the body from premature ageing by minimizing free radical damage,” she explains.

Free radicals are organic molecules responsible for ageing, tissue damage and have been linked to some diseases, including cardiovascular disease. These molecules are very unstable and so look to bond with other healthy molecules thereby destroying them.  Antioxidants therefor work to prevent free radicals from harming healthy tissue, playing a vital role in cellular protection.

Enter Resveratrol, which has been subjected to numerous research resulting in the discovery of it unique effect on the activity of enzymes called Sirtuins. “Sirtuins control several biological pathways and are known to be involved in the aging process,” explains Fra.

However, studies on Resveratrol have found that it can prolong the life of mice, preventing damage to blood vessels and promoting longer cell life, but nothing yet has been confirmed when it comes to humans.

Although Fra says that antioxidant supplements should play a part in everyone’s lives, you should always check with your Dr. before taking any of the supplements available as although no severe side effects have been found in animal studies, some experts warn that Resveratrol could effect the efficacy of some other medications, blood thinners, arthritis and pain medication.

Whilst waiting for the jury to resume on how it may help us two-legged creatures, you can take comfort in the knowledge that Resveratrol antioxidants are found in red wine. The downside? You’d have to consume up to 60 litres of the stuff a day to get your antioxidant fill!

So, maybe put your focus back on yourself in the fight for a fuller, longer, healthier life. Experts continue to spruik the unbeatable benefits of regular exercise, kicking smoking, using SPF, eating well, limiting stress and keeping your mind sharp.

It may not have all the marketing hoopla that Resveratrol is currently enjoying, but it may just garner the best results.

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