Robyn Lawley Health and Body Secrets

There’s not much Robyn Lawley can’t do. Lets start with gorgeously glam supermodel that you’ll find on the cover of Vogue Italia, Elle and Marie Claire. You’ll also find her walking the runway or shooting a swimsuit issue for Sports Illustrated. Robyn shares her passion for food on her blog, Robyn Lawley Eats, has published a cookbook, has her own swimwear line and is a mum. Not bad for a girl from Girraween in New South Wales!

Robyn joined us on the RESCU couch to talk about her journey as a model, how her life has changed since becoming a mother, and her health and fitness philosophy.

Her role as ambassador for Fruit Juice Australia:

“I was really interested to find out that 80% of people in Australia and even higher in adult groups aren’t eating 2 serves of fruit a day.”

“If everyday you can’t get your two serves, 125ml of fruit juice can really help you contribute to your diet with a good vitamin C and potassium and folate.”



Robyn’s thoughts on body image and fad diets:

She has always been a very honest and open advocate and also a protagonist for conversation around body image, diet, what’s healthy and what’s not.

“I did do a lot of restrictive diets when I was trying to do straight sized modelling. There have been times where that did make me feel good but its not sustainable”

“I just think fad diets are ridiculous and it’s a stupid way to put yourself through and your body through”

“And so I just live my life by moderation is key and quality, good quality food.”

Since becoming a mother and being pregnant she has experienced even more pressure about her body image and size. Robyn believes that her role as a curvy model has relieved some of that pressure.

Robyn also spoke of her attitude while pregnant and her focus on remaining healthy for her baby. She believes that you should “eat as much as you need and want and fill your baby with good nutrients.”



How she maintains her health and beauty:

Beautiful from the inside out is very important to Robyn. She believes that her health is anchored by her philosophy of filling her body with healthy and nutritious food.

“I definitely eat quality, so in America I tend to shop local markets or places that use good quality ingredients”

“I just love quality produce that’s the best kind of advice I could give I suppose.”

How does she feel about her body now?

With so much pressure on body image in the modelling industry Robyn feels that her move to being a plus size model has helped her to love her body.

“I remember feeling much better about my body, when I started modelling for bigger sizes.”

“Also seeing my curvy friends be so comfortable… they were so confident, and so happy, that really inspired me to become that way as well.”

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