The Only Saddlebag Buster Workout You Need This Summer

Sally Matterson

Fitness Expert

There is nothing worse than feeling like your saddlebags are taking the focus away from your amazing summer outfit, but never fear, this 30min fat loss workout will get those legs lean and toned in no time at all. Shave fat off the thighs by keeping the intensity high and the heart rate up.

If you want extra motivation and to really get you in the fat loss zone try playing your favourite beats.

My personal favourites to put on replay are ‘Play That Funky Music’ a 1976 classic by Wild Cherry and ‘You Should Be Dancing’ by the Bee Gees.

Visualise how good you are going to look in summer whilst you are putting in the hard yards will ensure you put in a 100% effort and see those saddlebags melting away right before your eyes!

The Saddlebag Buster Workout

Complete the below exercises in a 4 station circuit. Move quickly from one station to the next with minimal rest. Complete the 4 exercises 5 rounds through completing the repetitions (the amount of times you complete each exercise in one set) according to the below instructions.


A1: 100 skips

Jump rope!

If not using any equipment or you prefer not to use a rope, do a pretend skip.

100 reps, 5 sets, 10 sec rest


A2: Bench burpee

Keep the arms shoulder width apart on the bench.

Lower the body down fast and explode into a jump-up. Jump the feet out, and then lower the body down to repeat the movement.

15, 5 sets, 10 sec rest

box-jumpsA3: Box or step-jumps  

Come into a semi squat, taking the weight into the heels then explode up, landing the feet onto the bench or box.

Step back down to the ground and repeat for 20 repetitions as fast as you can.

20, 5 sets, 10 sec rest

lunge-jumpsB1: Lunge jumps (front foot elevated, alternating)

Elevate the back foot onto a step or a bench. Lower the body weight into the front heel and drive through the front leg.

Repeat 20 times on one leg, and then switch legs and repeat.

20 each leg, 5 sets, 10 sec rest

Good luck melting those saddlebags away!


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