Simple steps to a new more motivated you

By Victoria Rollison 

No matter how much we love our jobs, there always comes a time when it starts to get ever so slightly boring and motivation flies out the window. If your work life is feeling a bit like Groundhog Day, here is RESCU’s advice on how to get yourself into gear.

Tidy your work area

If your desk looks like the scene of a paper explosion, or your area has coffee cups that are housing small cockroach communities, it’s no wonder you can’t be bothered doing anything!

Your place of work should reflect your attitude to work – clear and focused, not complicated and cluttered. Spend ten minutes before you go home each evening tidying up. That filing that piles up on your desk and takes four hours to organise when you finally get to it, can actually be sorted in two minutes each day if you stick to it. Once your desk is clear, you’ll have a better idea of what work you need to do and what work you’ve already done!

Prioritise your tasks

The most important part of being organised is knowing what your priorities are. Whether you keep a ‘to-do’ list jotted down on a writing pad, on your computer calendar or even in your iPhone, it is the best way to keep on top of your work.

You’ll find the motivation to get things ticked off the list by rewarding yourself when the page is full of ticks. Promise yourself a cup of tea or ten minutes of gossiping when you’ve received 5 ticks, or try to get 10 things ticked off by lunchtime. You’ll be amazed how much quicker you work!

Stay busy

It is a well known fact that the busiest people in a workplace are the best people to ask for help. That’s because they don’t have time to procrastinate or waste time over a task, they are efficient because they don’t have time not to be!

Become one of these busy people by working with your boss to drive projects, showing initiative when you run out of things to do, and keeping your ‘to-do’ list up to date with tasks you can get to when you have time. When you are bored, you aren’t motivated so it’s key to avoid lulls in your schedule. You’ll be amazed how much faster your day goes when you spend as much time as possible working!

Set aside time for procrastination and stick to it

Do you get into work in the morning and search the internet for an hour before starting any tasks? Does Facebook sound more interesting than doing something your boss wants you to do? And do you get the 3:00pm blues where you can’t find the motivation to even gossip with your colleagues, let alone tick something off your ‘to-do’ list?

Everyone has moments in their day when they feel like doing anything but working. The key is to allocate time for this and stick to it! When you are eating your lunch, have a quick look at the news sites on the internet, update your Facebook profile, or tell your workmates about the crazy weekend you had. When you put aside time to do this, you’ll look forward to it and won’t feel as guilty about it.

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