Skincare Lightbulb Moments that Will Change Your Complexion

Emma-Charlotte Bangay

Beauty and Lifestyle Expert

What are the very best kept secrets when it comes to superb skin? You no longer have to worry about where to uncover them, for here are ten of the very best expert tips exclusively for RESCU.

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Part Ways With The Peels: Want to erase summers sun damage with an in-clinic peel? Not so fast, urges Dr. Spiller skin care expert, Sue Dann. “Treatments such as acid peels – that cause trauma in order to stimulate skin rejuvenation – do trigger change, but at a cost,” she cautions. “They keep skin in a constant state of micro-inflammation and inflammation triggers ageing.”

Add More Oil: “There’s nothing like a good massage to relax the body, so why not the face?” asks Nude By Nature Creative Director, Clint Dowdell, who advises using a facial oil to deeply and firmly massage the face after cleansing makeup off. This will create a firmer and more toned complexion by reawakening the muscles of the face and delivering hydration to the bottom layers of the skin, and therefor encouraging regeneration, he says. “Do this daily and you will be delighted with the results.”

Spray Scent Away From Skin: Spraying perfume directly onto your skin or neck is very dehydrating and can contribute towards pigmentation build up, cautions SIa Hendry, Paramedical Aesthetician and Founder of You by Sia Clinics and Cosmeceutical Skincare. “As perfume contains alcohol, it can cause the skin to become photosensitive, attracting the sun and hence amplifying its effect on the delicate neck area. This can then lead to wrinkles and pigmentation as well as other ageing effects on the complexion.”

Leave Cleanser On For Longer: The Beauty Scene salon owner, Elisa Markovic is evangelical about skin cleansing and her top tip is to leave an active cleanser on the skin for three minutes and let it infuse. “It’s like a mini peel treatment to freshen up your skin,” she explains.

Go Cold: “Plunge your face in a bowl of ice water to reduce puffiness, and breathe life back into your skin,” advises Melanie Grant, Clinic Director, Melanie Grant Skin. “Perfect for when you’re travelling or have drank too much the night before!”

Rethink Your Zinc: To prevent ageing and sun damage, sunscreen is a non-negotiable. However you may not be using the right type of sunscreen, Sia points out. “Make sure you are using a physical sunscreen with ingredients like Titanium Dioxide and Zinc, as they work to reflect UV off the skin as opposed to chemical sunscreens where everything is absorbed by the skin,” she says. This reduces the chances of skin irritation and ensures that your skin and pores are not clogged, allowing your complexion to breathe whilst remaining fully protected, she adds.

Opt For Oil-Based Moisturisers: “Basic chemistry dictates that a water-based product contains more powerful emulsifiers,” explains Sue, “which can actually dehydrate the skin by stripping the acid mantle of its natural oils.”

Do Your Epidermal Exercises: “In a world where we have gone crazy for products that are designed to paralyse our faces to stop wrinkles, we have forgotten the basics of how the body works,” says Clint. “If you want better legs and butt, you do squats, not paralyse you legs to stop them moving!” The same goes with the face, he emphasises, suggesting that movements that strengthen and tone the muscles are great anti-agers. “For the forehead, press the hand into the forehead to avoid crinkling the skin, then press the brows up against this and feel the muscles work.”

Less Is More: When it comes to makeup, too much can add years to our complexion, cautions Melanie. “My favourite thing to wear during the day is two to three pumps of sunscreen, two pumps of a hydrating serum, one pump of a skin illuminator with one pump of a light fluid foundation,” she says. “If you really prefer to set your makeup, use a loose hyaluronic acid based powder. You will look fresh, rested, dewy and years younger!”

Mix Up – And Maximise – Your Moisturiser: Pure Argan, jojoba or rosehip oil will work hard to not only hydrate the skin but also protect against dry rough patches and redness, says Irene Falcone, natural skincare expert and founder of NourishedLife. “Use at night before bed and mix a drop or two into your regular daily moisturiser for extra hydration.”


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