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Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

Our skin is the one thing about our face that’s always visible. Exposed to the elements and our lifestyles, it can be quite obvious when it is not at its peak in skin quality and texture.

Skincare is the obvious choice to re-plump and smooth our skin, but sometimes we need that ‘spotlight’ effect – just like your favourite instagram filter – more of an instant lift and skin brightening and with our time poor lifestyles, knowing how and where to highlight the face can be a godsend for ever-so-fresh beauty.

Wrinkles and/or expression lines create mini shadows on the face, as the line is a decline of skin. Using the right highlighter on these areas can lift the line, smoothing the skin.

Using the correct texture highlighter can add a hydrated, radiant result to a skin that may be dehydrated and in general, a highlighter will reflect light to then lift the area it is applied too.

These highlighter application techniques are called Strobing – One part of contouring and an amazing trick up your sleeve for brighter skin when feeling a little flat.


Points to Remember…

  • Highlight the frontal bones of the face – where you usually get sunburnt first as these are the areas you want to bring forward and smooth away expression lines.
  • If you have a darker area of skin, Eg. dark circles and/or pigmentation, you will need to correct with a deeper shade of concealer first, before you highlight. If you do not correct the area first, a highlighter shade being light in pigment, will not have the strength to correct/cover this concern and can appear grey. Peach to orange based shades are best for correcting.

These are some different highlighter styles…



Using a cream, liquid style highlighter, which is non-metallic, is the style I personally use the most… It gives light and lift, without attracting too much attention that people know you have used it – It’s the natural face-lift that makeup can offer.

You want a weightless, lightweight texture and easily blendable – never go any lighter than x2 shades of your skin tone.

*If you have ever purchased a concealer shade that is too light for correcting in this texture, this would be the perfect time to revive and use it in this new way to still get your moneys worth!


Eve Lom Light Illusion Concealer – RRP $58


Creamy/liquid, non-metallic highlighting concealer pen, housed in a convenient click pen…

Use after foundation and massage/press into highlight points of the face or even use alone for a spotlight effect.

For under eyes, always use after and over the top of a correcting shade of concealer for best results – buy two, a deeper shade to correct and a lighter shade to brighten.

The non-metallic formula means it brightens, lifts and smooth’s the skin more naturally, especially over expression lines, without the visible effects of highlighting than a metallic finish can give.



I feel this type of finish is the most known as it is the most visible as it contains sheen and more light reflection than that of a non-metallic version of highlighter.

Non-metallic is purely using a lighter shade of a foundation/concealer style product to create a spotlight effect. The lighter shade is what gives reflection and lift, whereas, a metallic attracts greater light and therefore gives stronger light reflection because of the metallic particles within the product.

These are usually sold in as an actual skin highlighter and can be in different shades, to suit the hue of your skin tone.

Because of its metallic nature, it’s a great add on product to your makeup routine to jazz it up, or applying at night for that extra lift…

But, yes there is a but, it is not the best when applied over expression lines as in some cases (or lighting), it can show off the fact that you have expression lines because of the metallic finish, so avoid this area when applying.


Bobbi Brown Sterling Nights Collection Face Highlighter – RRP $72 – Available 1st Nov


3x shades to suit every skin tone from Pink, Seashell and Sunlight Bronze – mix into your moisturizer for extra glow, use over foundation to dress up your look or even alone for lift and light – Easy to blend with fingertips and the perfect pop of light to create illusions of plumper skin.



Face highlighters are so commonly a liquid or cream style as they tend to melt into the skin easily to create natural lift and light.

But, what if your skin is oily or you live in a very humid environment – you could look like a sweaty mess, not so hot when it’s sliding down the face.

A powder highlight can be a great alternative as it can still give a light reflection effect with its pearlescent, metallic particles and when applied on the front highlight points, exactly the same as a liquid, it can still deliver a pop of light the skin needs to look fresh and lifted.

Because a powder texture can be drier, it is important to use the ‘less is more’ approach, as you don’t want it to build up and sit on the skin surface too much as you look more made up than you probably wish too – a light sweep can do the trick just fine.


Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Powder Duo – RRP $110

 The duo shade choices mean you can highlight all year around if the skin tone changes, use a lighter shade for impact highlighting and the deeper shade for subtle light on the face.

This palette is great for the eyes also, a subtle sheen added to your look, light without liquid means less creasing and better for oily skins and the warmer months.

Feature Image via instagram: aniamilczarczyk 


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