Spring Racing Beauty: 5 Best Tips to Take to the Races

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

The Spring Racing season is upon us and as fun as it is to frock up and enjoy the festivities of race days, your beauty look should taken some thought. It’s a long day and what could look great at midday could be sliding off by 6pm!

spring-racing-beautyimage via pinterest

Spring Racing is a great time to explore and dress more playful than your usual daily attire. We see feminine styles, colour, textures, and prints but hopefully not all at once!

This goes with beauty also, don’t try every spring/summer trend all at once, rather choose one trend or focus area and perfect it, this will help to not fuss over every part of the face and end up looking overly made up, after all, the races is a daytime event.

Being daytime, it’s best to always think less is best and perfecting the skin is vital for longevity success with these warmer days and making sure makeup lasts from day to night.

Once skin is perfected, choose one focal point, eyes or lips.

Eyes are the most common to make up and focus on, but once again, this is daytime!! Smokey eyes are certainly a great trend, but be mindful that you don’t want to look like you are going clubbing, the races should portray elegance, but with modern twists.

spring-racing-bold-lipimage via pinterest

If lips are your choice, you must commit to that lip!

There is no point arriving with a beautifully applied bold lip and then an hour later nothing is left. This involves choosing the correct colour to suit your skin tone and also your outfit.


As so many Spring Racing outfits are bold with prints or colour, sometimes a nude tone lip is a better option to look balanced. You don’t want to look ‘too busy’ and touch ups can be a hassle. I would only apply a bold lip to one solid colour outfits and/or black/white outfits to give them a lift.

Nude doesn’t just mean beige, which for some can be flat. You can apply any colour lipstick in a very soft way – the stain!

Stain a lipstick by dabbing colour onto the lips, rather than ‘painting’ it on with the lipstick or brush. The lighter the dab the lighter the stain and vice versa. A hint of colour can be just the freshness your outfit needs, rather than pulling focus with an intense bold lip, that you will have to touch up all day!


Michael Brown’s Top 5 Tips to Make Your Spring Racing Look Last the Day

1. Primer

Primer is a must for long wear and I always try to apply an oil absorbing primer, one that helps refine pores or silicon base to smooth over a sometimes-uneven surface area.

Apply after your hydrating, water base moisturiser has been absorbed into the skin and usually only in the T-Zone to keep outer areas of the face looking fresh.

2. Powder

Powder for me is a product I try to use less of during the day, for touch ups, as it can eventually build up and look cake-y. Not good!

For an oily T-Zone and with the correct primer used, (one that is not illuminating in the t-zone), I like to apply a light dust of powder on the T-Zone BEFORE you apply your foundation or BB cream.

This will mattify the problem area and help foundation stay matte longer! This reduces touch ups also, as shine is blocked from underneath the foundation.

3. Highlighter

Highlighter is one of my favourite products to apply to the face, but as Spring Racing is a daytime event, some can be quite noticeable when applied over a makeup look.

I like to apply my highlighter before foundation as applied to the frontal areas of the face – cheekbones, brow bones, cupids bow and for the non-shiny skins, centre of the face, this gives light and will reflect through foundation more naturally, than applying it after which could be very visible in natural daylight.

Everything needs to be polished as daylight is unforgiving to the skin.

4. Lashes

Lashes are a must for a race day, as you don’t want to over makeup your eye area with lots of dark shadows.

In recent years, the bronze smoky eye has been a winner on race days as it is great for spring, daytime and balanced with louder dress choices. Applying lashes to your eyes gives more depth instantly, therefore less eye shadow is needed – a much better option for a long day where shadow could crease, or just look too heavy.

Go for a soft contour shadow in the socket, but nothing overly dark to keep it fresh.

5. Lips

Lips are a big part of any makeup and as mentioned earlier, the stain effect is best for long lasting and a softer colour approach to not pull too much focus.

Use your fingertip (rounded edge and warm to help melt/bond lipstick to lip) and dab on lipstick to create the stain effect.

By doing this you are not leaving lipstick sitting on top of the lip as you would when applying with a brush, therefore resulting in long lasting and less transfer onto champagne glasses during the day! #Winning

It really is all in the prep and what you do before foundation that counts, then, everything we apply over the top should sit perfectly all day, especially if you go with the ‘less is best’ approach being a daytime look.

Happy Spring Racing ladies!!

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