Strawberry Amazake Pudding Recipe

Nourishing your body means fuelling it with all the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. There’s no reason that giving your body just what it needs shouldn’t be fun, and taste delicious too.

Nourish your body and reduce symptoms of sickness with Yoshiko Takeuchi’s Strawberry Amazake Pudding recipe from her book Japanese Superfoods below. 


Serves 4 (amend ingredient portions accordingly to make more or less)


400 ml (14 fl oz) soy milk
30 g (1 oz) kuzu
50 g (2 oz) amazake or 30 g (1 oz) sugar
Strawberry sauce
300 g (10.5 oz) strawberries, each one cut into quarters
50 ml (1.5 fl oz) light agave
2 tsp lemon juice


1. To cook the strawberry sauce, place all the ingredients in a pan and cook over a low heat until soft and the strawberries are getting broken down.

2. Place the soy milk, kuzu and amazake in a medium size pot and stir to dissolve well, then heat over high heat. Stir consistently. Once boiling, reduce the heat to low then stir well until the mixture is thick.

3. Once the mixture gets thick, add half the strawberry sauce and mix well. Then pour into four glasses and put in the fridge.

4. When solid, pour the rest of the strawberry sauce on top.



Recipe from Yoshiko Takeuchi’s book, Japanese Superfoods. 


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