Stylish Daywear: 3 Lunchtime Looks To Looking Fabulous

You’re invited to “Meet for lunch!” Great, but you haven’t a clue how to dress to make the right impression. Knowing how to work stylish daywear to look chic and sophisticated on a lunchtime ‘date’ is easy if you follow.

Glamour at a lunchtime setting can be challenging. One single sequin and you risk coming off night-clubby, garish and as cheap as a cask of Moselle served at an RSL à la carte buffet. On the other hand … not enough chutzpah and you could be mistaken for thinking that it’s just another manic Monday. Tricky territory to navigate in (or out of) heels … so here are my pointers on how to look chic and sophisticated at some lunchtime settings.

A poolside lunch with friends

kaftanimage via pinterest

Whilst your pool probably isn’t located in glamorous Saint Tropez or glitzy Miami … dress like it is. Think SATC 2 “Bohemian Luxe”… fabulous overblown prints, lots of bold colour and volumes of billowing sheer fabric. Sparkle resort-style in a glamour kaftan, be it micro short or maxi ankle length, draped off one shoulder or bare shoulders, with batwing sleeves or ruffles, frills and flounces. Whatever the frock, do wear it with jewelled kitten heel thongs or stilettos. Frocks should be as dramatic as the gossip, fun as the fillies, cheeky as the cabana boy … and loose enough around the waist to allow for maximum cocktail consumption.

A romantic lunch at a seaside restaurant

wiggle-dressimage via pinterest

The aim is to sizzle softly without scorching your date. You need a killer “Wiggle Dress” that shows some décolletage and bare tanned arms … but keep skirt length on the knee. A sprayed on skirt to hug your curves and corseted singlet top to sculpt your assets will do the trick. Go for an innocent neutral colour palette of beige, buff or sweet sorbet pastels. Add a sheer filmy wrap or neck scarf that wafts in the ocean breeze, and peep-toe stiletto shoes … quicker than you can say “Mad Men meets Marilyn Monroe” he’ll be busting out the oysters, lobster and French champagne.

A wedding lunch

floral-dressimage via pinterest

OK, etiquette in full swing here … Keep yourself “nice”. That includes NO black, and NO full length “evening” gowns (as the name suggests, they are not intended for lunchtime). Instead, opt for flirty or draped frocks in perky hues, short puffed tulip skirts in a great floral print, delicate lace singlet dresses, or pretty eyelet corsets worn underneath sheer blouses that evoke Grace Kelly in “High Society”. Drape a cashmere silk cardigan in demure shades of nude or polite pastels over bare shoulders. Pretty as a picture.

And before you sashay out into the sunshine here are some “Perry DO’s and DON’Ts” to guarantee lunchtime pizzazz in any setting:

DO wear fabulous shades. Chic sunglasses are the most important lunchtime accessory. DON’T leave home without them.

DO wear an armful of bangles in gold, silver, bronze or pewter or a brightly coloured enamel or oversized snakeskin cuff.
DON’T wear diamantes, sequins or any other bling.

DO wear a high heel for instant glamour appeal, in a bright pop colour, quirky print or with fun embellishments.
DON’T even think about a flat just because “it’s day”.

DO wear your hair out, tousled and “just fell out of bed” relaxed.
DON’T wear strict uptight buns or “up do’s”.

DO wear animal print. It’s always chic to purr in the daytime.

DO keep make-up minimal, luminous and 60’s inspired.
DON’T do a sooty panda eye or garish red lip.

DO carry a chic shoulder handbag in bright, textured or metallic leather.
DON’T clutch an evening purse.

DO wear soft sheer chiffon fabrics.
DON’T wear jersey, satin or shiny fabrics; or anything that becomes see-thru in the sunlight.

DON’T wear pants. Under any circumstances.

So there you are, whatever the lunchtime occasion, look good, eat well and enjoy!


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