Summer Tan Trends Report

We all in someway look to our celebrities on red carpets and even their street style for inspiration with our own beauty/fashion looks, but most trends for all of us are born from the runway. Models showcasing what to expect in the season ahead, celebs then pick them up and then it trickles down into the consumer world where we get hooked until a new trend comes around.

mb-tan-1Hailey Baldwin Walking in the Julien Macdonald Show, sporting the glossy glow!


When someone thinks of a self-tan, we generally think dark, maybe orange and the word ‘fake’ springs to mind, it can definitely scare off many people as we have all seen our fair share of bad tans.

But more than ever, tan formulations are becoming more natural, with so much added moisture to products and the decrease in the traditional matte tan which can definitely create depth, but not as much about the glow, until now.

Just as we love adding glow, freshness and moisture to our face, this is now the same for the skin on our body, allowing tans to look healthy and lifting ones skin tone, not necessarily changing it like we have been used too.

New trends are seeing super sexy, glossy, moisturised and highlighted pops on the body to really create brighter looking tans, more about the word glow, than tan.

Adding highlighter with makeup to the face is now the norm for so many, as we have learnt that light reflects, giving focus and assisting with contouring, or as its now known, strobing!


Strobing is a term that means adding light to the face to brighten and lift an area of the face. When you add light reflection to the skin it pops with light, making the area stand out, whereas adding shade (in this case a tan) will recede the area applied.


We all know we should moisturise our body, but a lot of us don’t add enough moisture to this area.

Is it to time consuming, or you don’t like the feel of it when you put your clothes on? Whatever it is, dry skin is common on the body and that my friend, is no good when applying a self-tan.

The active ingredient (DHA) that adds colour and stains one’s skin when using a self tan product is known to be drying to the body, therefore, if you already have dry skin, using tan products will make it worse.

The problem with lack of moisture to the skin is the lack of bond and smoothness of products being applied over the top. You only have to think of foundation going on dry skin to get what I mean, no longevity of wear and can look a tad patchy.

This is the same with tans, no moisture stored in the skin and your tan will not have an even fade, running the risk of going patchy – no thanks!

Yes, new tanning products in today’s market do have more added moisture built into them, but now because of tan trends being more glossy and super sheen based, this is great news for dry legs, as now they will appear healthy and glowing (like our faces), saying good bye to the matte tan. Which to be honest is where tell tale signs of a bad tan can arise with no light reflection.

mb-tan-2Playful Sheen show legs at House of Holland – London Fashion Week


Out of the 5 shows I worked on this week at London Fashion week, no designer wanted a matte tan, the depth was medium to deep and steering away from super dark tans we have seen in the past.

It’s more about Skin Finishing, adding life to legs by buffing and lifting skin light to create light reflection for the perfect (and natural) glow!

Days leading up to a tan, we should be applying as much moisture to our skin as possible, this will ensure a smooth canvas for any product to bond well and last longer. Models and celebs are constantly having their legs moisturised, it’s just apart of their daily lives and because if it, they generally always have an even fade effect.

Whether you like a light to medium or even a super dark tan, the best thing you can do is flood the body with moisture post tan, allowing the tan to live well, longer, also adding life to your tan.

Just as we pop and highlight our face, we can do this with our body also. Think about where the sun would naturally hit the body. Shins, Collar bones, shoulders; these are areas that need extra sheen to really give that runway wow effect and also can assist in body contouring.


Spring Racing is coming up and what better seasonal event to show off glowing skin, making these looks runway to reality!

By adding moisture to your body, choosing a tan that’s heavily moisturising rather than matte and then highlighting/glossing up your finished look, you will have the body glow that is now in trends.

First step is always moisturise.

Use pre tan everyday and post tan to keep your tan alive longer, with an even fade!

jergans-bb-creamJergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream $14.99

Second step is the actual self-tan product.

Rather than using traditional mousse or spray products, try an oil-based tan for a highly nourished all over sheen to the body.

St Tropez Tan’s Luxe Oil comes in an art home version, or a professional formula at salons. A hit with my Celeb clients!

st-tropez-1St Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil $49.99

Third step is the glow.

Yes, you can use moisturiser post tan, but it won’t attract the light like you see on the runway or red carpets.

Try a body gloss for extra glow, where the light hits the skin.


Sanctuary Spa 4 Day Moisture Body Oil Spray $12.99

Lastly, if you are a few days or a week into your tan and it is fading slightly, re-boost it with a gradual tan. This will give moisture back to your skin and light tone, as it adds colour back to your skin the more you use it fir a gradual glow.


St Tropez Tan Gradual Tan Tinted $33.99

(tinted has the added benefit of immediate sheen, compared to the regular version)



Backstage images via St Tropez


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