Szechuan Pork With White Kimchi Recipe

Are you a lover of all things spice? If so, then this Szechuan pork with white kimchi recipe by Supernormal chef and restauranteur Andrew McConnell will sure tickle your fancy. Perfect for any dinner party or casual family dinner, every spice lover will be asking for more.



10g peeled ginger
10 garlic
30g white onion
70g Nashi flesh
70g green apple flesh
20ml rice vinegar
20ml water
20g sugar


Blend all ingredients to from a smooth paste


¼ wombok
1bunch baby radish
1 bunch baby turnip
10g long green chilli


1. Chop Wombok into large dice (2.5cm).

2. Mandolin baby radish and turnip.

3. Salt veg with cure mix and let to salt and drain for minimum 4 hours. Wash thoroughly and mix white kimchi base through. Julienne long green chilli and mix into cabbage. . Leave kimchi to sit for 2 days before use.


100g salt
10g Szechuan pepper
10g 5 spice
10g cumin seed
10g coriander seed
5g star anise
5g black pepper
10g dried long red chilli


1. Toast all spices and chilli, blend to a fine powder and mix in salt.

2. To cook pork roll in spices and vac, separately, leave to sit for 4 hours. Stem on gastro tray, steam 100% until internal temp is 55oC, cool in ice bath. Leave to sit overnight before slicing.



15g chilli oil
20g prawn vin
5g sugar syrup (equal parts water & sugar)
50g yuzu juice


Mix all together, shake week before use.


1. Place 3 small piles of white kimchi on the base of a flat plate, don’t drag too much of the liquid from the kimchi onto the plate.

2. Lay the pork over the plate, folded and non-uniform to give the plate some height.

3. Place 3 more piles if kimchi on the top of the pork in the gapes from the bottom pieces.

4. Dress with yuzu chilli dressing and season with sea salt.

5. Be careful not to rush and be sloppy with the plating.


Note: Pork loin should be skinless, remove excess fat if there is more than 3mm on the loin.


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