Telling Your Partner You Want Cosmetic Surgery

By Claire Perry  

So you have decided on the most suitable procedure, found a highly regarded surgeon, and saved enough to cover the private hospital stay. The only thing left to do is to convince your husband, boyfriend or lover that it is a good idea and you’re going ahead with it. RESCU gives you some invaluable pointers…
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How to tell him

– Be upfront
– Be well informed to answer any questions he may have
– Explain your reasons for wanting the surgery
– Be confident and make no apologies for your choice

Why does he have a problem with it?

He thinks you are doing it for him

The thought of putting a loved one through a serious operation and an uncomfortable recovery period is enough to make most people feel guilty. The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons warns that “if through surgery you hope to influence how someone else feels about you, you may end up disappointed.” Make sure you are doing it for you.

Too expensive

So you share your finances and elective surgery is not cheap. If he can list a million places where the money could be better spent then you might need to compromise. Ask him what he has always wanted – something around the same value to be fair – and after saving for your procedure, tell him the two of you will then put the money aside for his new photography equipment, scuba gear or motorbike, or whatever it may be.

He likes you the way you are

That’s great, but it is more important that you are happy with yourself. Explain that if you are not happy within yourself then you won’t be able to make anyone else happy. He has two options – to support you or not to. If he loves you and respects your views, he will stand by your decision.

Should you tell him?

Grazia Magazine surveyed 1000 women in Great Britain aged 25-45. More than half intend to have cosmetic surgery. Out of these only eight percent say they would not tell anyone, while seven out of ten say they would tell their partner. The study also revealed that four out of ten women who had already had various procedures are no longer with the same partner.  

If you are going to have plastic surgery, you should feel confident and comfortable about doing it. You should not feel embarrassed and there should be no reason for feeling it is something you need to lie about. Alternatively, do not feel you have to tell everyone who comments on the perfect breasts or gorgeous nose you have. Choose people you can trust to confide in. They will the ones who will support you through your recovery and join with you in celebrating the new you.  

Always discuss the risks with your surgeon before undergoing elective surgery. Visit for more information.  

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