7 Tips To Make Your Mani Pedi Look Professional

In the season of the sandal, we’re bringing you the gospel according to pampered hands and feet. Forget committing the cardinal sins of the at-home mani-pedi, saintliness is a cinch with these top rated products. Listen to these 7 commandments and you are bound to reel the compliments in both on and off the beach.

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1. Thou shalt treat your hands and feet like thou treats thy hair
I.e. with care. Teresa Hryniewiecka, Innovation Manager at Revitanail tells her celebrity clients, “We recommend that just as you take care of your hair and skin, so should you also take the health of your nails seriously especially if you are an avid user of colour, polish and art.”

2. Thou shalt give strength to thy nails
Teresa says, “The prolonged use of nail extensions such as polish, acrylics, gel and shellac can often lead to damaged nails and cuticles. Couple this with everyday household duties and other environmental factors and you will surely need a routine that will turn your nails around.”

3. Thou shalt always allow drying time
Nail polishes dry as the volatile solvents present in them evaporate and cold water will rather slow down this process,” says Teresa. “Contact with cold water will harden the top layer via thickening it thus giving an impression that the polish is already dry,” she adds.

 4. Thou shalt turn hands from course to conditioned
“Make sure you apply hand cream as often as required, particularly after washing. For best results, massage liberally onto hands, nails and cuticles.”

5. Thou shalt prep like a saint
Before you start you’re pedicure, be sure to soak your feet in warm water. A good foot scrubbing will not only improve circulation but will remove unsightly dead skin from your feet.

6. Thou shalt curb the callouses
Buff away your callouses with a pumice stone or a foot file. Don’t go for razors (yikes!) they can tear the skin leaving behind raw spots. Remember to pay particular attention to your heels.

7. Thou shalt have a filing system
Your best bet to keep your nails strong is to file from the outer edges toward the centre. And for the shape? Frances Catsaros, YSL Nail Ambassador, says the “square on top with slight kicks at the corners” is the most favoured nail shape amongst clients.

RESCU Recommends (Holier than Thou):


Revitanail Keratin Strengthening Serum is the solution for those who want the convenience of a serum-based nail treatment that they can use with or without nail polish. The formula is based on ProSina, a Keratin Peptide, which is a potent ingredient clinically proven to strengthen, protect and hydrate nails.
RRP: $19.95 available from Myer, David Jones and Priceline

Aveda hand relief™ night renewal serum  harnesses the powers of Mother Nature to renew your hands while you sleep. It moisturises and plumps to smooth fine lines with andiroba oil protects skin’s natural moisture barrier.
RRP: For stockist details call 1800 706 377.

The Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi – Electronic Foot File is an electronic foot file that effectively buffs away hard skin on the foot. Rotating Micralumina head that makes easy work of hard skin, a gentle and effective rotating action.
RRP:$49.99 available form Woolworths, Coles, IGA, Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and pharmacies

Bio Sculpture Pedi Massage Brush is used to gently brush into your favourite foot scrub for your best pedi results yet.
RRP: $13.95 available from professional salons nationwide

Burt’s Bees Banana & Beeswax Hand Crème is the most heavenly remedy to repair dry and cracked skin.  The sweet almond oil, beeswax and aloe to moisturise the skin and leave skin soft and supple.
RRP: $19.95 David Jones, Terry White Chemists and selected retail outlets

Produced to shape, buff and shine Manicare 4 Way Buffer keeps nails looked after. Easy to use, this file comes complete with easy instruction to ensure you buff and polish to perfection.
RRP: $8.95 Priceline, Myer, Target, K-Mart, Big W and leading pharmacies.

Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve is heavy duty deluxe for your hands, brimming with a blend of botanical oils to soothe, condition and moisturise. The thick, rich and non-greasy formula is instantly absorbed and provides a protective barrier against moisture loss.
RRP: Selected Myer and David Jones stores and Kiehl’s boutique.

Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab is a soothing, cucumber melon-scented gel treatment that hydrates, shields and restores severely dry, ragged cuticles. The nutrient-rich formula promotes healthy nail growth, reduces breakage and encourages resilience.
RRP:$12.95 available from Priceline, Target, Kmart, Terry White Chemists, My Chemist, Coles, Woolworths, Big W and independent pharmacies nationally.

The Dessange Salon in Sydney’s Paddington’s vitamin-enriched cuticle balm, Nutri Ongles, with its fig fragrance and extra-creamy texture, is an unexpected delight in your mani routine. Helps repair and regenerate nails deep-down.
RRP: Head to www.dessange.com.au for more information


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