The Beginner’s Guide to a Safe Detox

Emma-Charlotte Bangay

Beauty and Lifestyle Expert

Is detox a dirty word to you? Or is there a safe, balanced, way to eliminate the nasties in life and boost everyday good vibes?

With so many detox diets and cure-alls on every health food and chemist counter, it’s hard to know which are hit and which you should miss. But the best – and most manageable – detoxes can be those that are done step-by-step, day-by-day says Tobias Kokot, Edible Alchemist, Health Educator, Detox Coach and co-founder of a raw range to aid detoxification.

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“Detox has become a well know word in the vocabulary and stands for an alternate and chemical free purification of the body,” he says, “the removal of excess toxins from connective tissue and organs.”

“The biggest myth surrounding detoxes is that it has to be a painful process signaling the surrender of life’s indulgent pleasures, making one a hermit or social outsider”, he adds.

”Detox is a small addition or simple change to our lifestyle and the things that cause us so much headaches. Literally! A little awesome something can rebalance everything.”

Tobias notes that detoxing should always be done safely, and based on generational studies or the personal expertise or long-term experience of a professional. “There is no need for a whole comprehensive detox program, in most cases small adjustments will do the magic.

Tobias’s Top 5 Safe Detox Tips:

1. Begin your day by drinking 1Litre of water. This will thoroughly rehydrate you, wash out toxins and make the day ‘flow’ more. “Often hunger is but the bodies state of dehydration,” he notes.

2. Eat only when you are hungry, and take a deep breath before you start a meal.

3. Sip filtered water all through the day. It’s the key to detox maintenance.

4. Don’t eat after 8pm. “This will prevent all energy going into digestion and allow the body to focus on the detox of organs and tissue.”

5. Take deep breathes when you lay in bed. “Deep breathing before sleep is a great way to get the body into a more relaxed state, making all the pathways more efficient for the natural nightly detox.”

6 Things to Quit:

1. Refined sugars. “Read the labels, and don’t be fooled!”

2. “Tap water, as it’s a dwelling for chlorine and chemical residues like pesticides, herbicides and fluoride”, says Tobias

3. Pasteurized dairy products. “They will acidify and clog the body with excess mucus and make it virtually impossible to detox. If you have to have milk go for coconut, almond or rice milk.

4. “I would say coffee here which is a big acidifier, however if you really love your coffee, have less one step at the time,” So try alternating caffeine days or capping cappuccino’s at only one in the morning.

5. Alcohol, which only serves the purpose to short-circuit the motor control center and nervous system, says Tobias. “It’s acidic, and full of sugar!”

6. Refined foods. Anything with ingredients of names that are used only in conjunction with laboratories and shelf life expectancy longer then you are best avoided, advises Tobias. “These foods are designed to make you want to crave and buy more, not feed you.” He goes on to point out that M.S.G can be hidden behind 50 different names and its only fundamental job is to simply increase appetite – and weight gain!


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