Reinvent Your Small Living Spaces For A Major Impact

If you’re living in a metropolitan area, I’m sure you are familiar with the concept less is more. Darren Palmer, Interior Designer and Judge on the Block shares some expert advice on how to make a sweeping statement with the small spaces in your home – perfect for attracting potential buyers!

So many opportunities to wow potential buyers are lost by ignoring chances to add interest and creativity to tight and transitional spaces. Hallways, entrances, staircases, even powder rooms and nooks have the potential to be concentrated little punches of glamour or sophistication. Colour, texture, wallpapers or big bold statements can be used to great effect in small spaces without taking too much of a risk or alienating potential buyers.

smallspaceeeeImage via pinterest 

What you should be trying to achieve is to stop people in their tracks to take in how amazing the property feels and looks. Giving the appropriate level of creativity and thought to entrances will definitely pay dividends. Transitional spaces like hallways are also oft overlooked but are a great place to hang artwork, create interesting vignettes of your most loved items, make a place to sit or simply a lovely place to pass through. Hallways make great galleries and don’t forget to light them appropriately.

Another place in the home you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see glamour is the powder room but when they’re well thought out and well finished they can be like little jewellery boxes full of lush colours and materials.

staircaseImage via pinterest

Staircases are always an opportunity for a grand statement, irrespective of their size. You should be aiming for something that is at least understated and stylish with layered textures and contrast.

It’s all about matching the level of finish and statement to what’s appropriate to your home and it’s location.

By Darren Palmer

Follow Darren on Twitter: @darrenpalmerint

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