The Hydration Cure- How to Boost Your Skin’s Thirst

If your complexion looks a little lack lustre after summer you’re not alone. Exposure to sun, chlorine, salt water and too much Rose, leaves every single skin type parched and low on glow.

We bring you advice from three leading experts on why good topical hydration products can be a fast and effective way to re-set how your skin behaves and looks, plus we share our edit of the latest launches to get you there.

Janet Pardo, Clinique’s Senior Vice President of Product Development says your focus should be on preventing loss of moisture and boosting skin with a combination of ingredients and of course, sun protection:

“I think dehydration is bad, overall, period. But I think that being able to protect your skin from what’s happening in the environment is very important because these small particle pollutants are everywhere; they fly around and get into your pores and then cause inflammation, bring havoc on skin and just cause a lot of problems. So, for me having ingredients in products that are actually helping to block the pollution and to guard the skin from pollution or to help skin become less permeable to the pollutants meaning strengthening the skin so it’s less leaky. Less gets in, more moisture stays in, and your skin doesn’t age as quickly but that also involves sun protection.”

Dr Elena Voskresenskaya, Skinceuticals Global Education Director and personalised skin health consultation says that your skin needs a daily dose of nature’s own miracle, hyaluronic acid, together with topical anti-oxidants to get the job done.

“If we think about the epidermis and the superficial hydration then hyaluronic acid is this molecule that is famous for holding water and it’s famous for holding a thousand times it’s own weight in water. But it’s very important to understand that if you deliver hyaluronic acid in the topical formulation, hyaluronic acid itself does not penetrate through the skin barrier. Therefore, it only sits on top of the skin and provides the hydration of the superficial layers, which is great for its purpose. The thing to keep in mind however for consumer is not to expect impossible from hyaluronic acid that they are applying topically.

With hyaluronic acid another interesting thing is, if we use it in in a topical product for surface hydration, if we are lucky enough to live in a humid environment then hyaluronic acid when applied on the skin, attracts water from the environment and provides very intense hydration. However, if we live in drier climates where there not enough moisture in the air, then chances are that hyaluronic acid will start pulling water from the deeper layers of the skin in order to bind it in the area that it was applied on the surface. That can have the reverse effect of drying skin out.

My personal recommendations would be to apply a product hyaluronic acid after you’ve applied other products that are meant to get past the skin barrier, for example in the morning the good routine would be to apply an anti oxidant with vitamin c and/or vitamin e first and then apply a product with hyaluronic acid. Sunscreen always goes on the skin last and then in evening we can start by applying a product with retinal and then applying hyaluronic acid on top.”

The Secret Sauce

Janet Pardot from Clinique also cautions: “There’s no magic bullet, there’s no one ingredient that does it all. Ingredients need to be used in combination for them to be truly effective. Even in medications, doctors never just give one thing out; it’s always a combination of drugs that have to work.

It’s always about Vitamin C, peptides, silicate acid with these incredible RNA fragments; all of these things work together.

We say it’s a fresh start for you but it’s not a free ride. You kind of have to do your part and sun protection is the biggest thing.

When choosing a booster product, look for a topical serum or cream that helps add and retain moisture longer. The new formulations are now much longer lasting, absorb straight into the skin and source miracle ingredients from nature to quickly and effectively up the hydration, elasticity and glow of even the most partied out skin.” Advises Pardot.

Dr. Tim Falla VP Research and Development for Rodan+Fields has a similar take on prevention being the best cure:

“Taking care of your skin should always be a priority as prevention can be key in reducing signs of ageing, damage from sun exposure. Maintaining healthy-looking skin can start at any age by implementing a daily skincare routine.

Finding the right products for your skin is vital to improving your skin’s appearance but don’t expect instant results. Major visible results come from being consistent with a skincare routine over time.”

We’ve tried and tested these new players on the market:

L’Occitane Fresh Moisturizing Mist RRP $18 and L’Occitane Ultra Thirst Quenching Cream RRP $56

1. In your 20’s? Keep hydration close by and top up throughout the day. The very excellent fresh Moisturizing Mist and Ultra-Thirst-Quenching Cream from the new L’Occitaine range hydrates your skin with calcium-rich water sourced from Provence’s Réotier spring. We love the delicate scent and chic packaging too. It’s the ultimate duo is the answer to every woman’s dream, giving you that little extra pop to soft hydrated skin. Whenever you feel the need for a little boost, their Moisturizing Mist is the solution with an added bonus of setting our makeup.

Clinique Moisture Surge RRP $20 for 15ml

2. For sensitive and seriously dehydrated skin, you can’t go past the reformulated Clinique Moisture Surge 72 Hour gel cream. This superstar treatment just got better with a new auto-replenishing technology to help trigger your skin’s own rehydration system and hyaluronic acid and activated aloe water to plump your skin’s moisture. This cult crème gel is perfect daily, on long haul flights or as a weekly skin boosting treat for parched skin. We haven’t met a soul who isn’t obsessed with this super hydrating formula.

3. Sensitive and acne prone skin will love the Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 serum to keep your skin hydrated and soothed immediately. This oil free moisturiser will have your skin feeling smooth, resilient and refreshed.

Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Serum RRP $110

Rodan+Fields Redefine Night Renewing Serum RRP $125

4.. If you already have a tried and tested skin routine but want to simply boost your hydration, add Redefine Night Renewing serum from Rodan+Fields before your moisturizer to see skin transform from blah to wow in the first week


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