The Missing Link To Treating Skin Pigmentation

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Winter is the best time to treat pigmentation and skin discoloration. With pigmentation being the number one skin concern of Australian women over 30, we did not have to be asked twice to experience a new treatment that promises to treat this pesky skin concern from the inside out.

You may be surprised to learn that there are things you can do with diets and supplements to dramatically improve your skin’s ability to recover and improve. We road tested Ultraceuticals Radiance Renew Workout facial and spoke to skin expert, celebrity facialist and naturaupath Vaia from Vaia Beauty on the missing link in traditional treatment of skin pigmantaion.

The very first step to treating pigmentation is getting the right skincare for you. “If you’re not using the right products at home, one treatment here and there won’t make any difference to your skin whatsoever. I’d visit a clinic, get them to have a look at your skin, assess your skin, and prescribe the right products first.“

“In terms of pigmentation, taking Zinc orally will increase your skin’s natural ability to be protected against the sun. Obviously using a really good SPF is still vital, however taking the Zinc orally as well as consuming antioxidant rich foods in your daily diet are also recommended. Organic blueberries and cloves are great. I suggest organic blueberries because they’re in season and they’re free of pesticides,” advises Vaia.

To increase and repair your skin elasticity, Vaia further suggests taking a powdered collagen and glutathione supplement. These can be added to your morning protein smoothie or cooking.

“Glutathione is an antioxidant that protects the liver, when we’re trying to reduce oxidization internally, the liver is one of those important pathways and organs that helps your body to detox. That do a lot of work for us. By giving the liver some extra support, it helps the body to reduce any toxins on the inside that we don’t need,”

RESCU Road Test:

I experienced the Radiance Renew Workout facial from Ultraceuticals using a Mandelic peel.

“The Mandelic acid is an almond derivative, great for re surfacing the skin and for congestion. It also contains salicylic acid, a beautiful anti inflammatory ingredient. The brightening accelerator mask is a tyrosinase inhibitor specific for breaking down pigmentation in the skin. It’s a very effective treatment for pigmentation and acne scarring as well.” Explains Vaia.

As part of the treatment, the sonophoresis machine infused the Ultraceuticals Pore REfining Serum into my skin to help push the product via micro vibrations, which works the serum into the skin a thousand times deeper than what the hand can do. It is very comfortable and truly, the results are visible immediately and longer term.

The treatment was completed with the application of the Ultraceuticals Brightening Accelerator Mask for 15 minutes, and finishing off with Ultraceuticals DNA Recovery Cream as it’s packed with Vitamin E, Vitamin B and is anti-flammartory, to help repair and nourish the skin.

Vaia also treats her clients to her special brand of magic which includes energy healing and massage. The overall effect is both skin and soul reviving. I left walking on air. My skin lightly peeled 2 days after the treatment for about 3 days and I was left with softer, smoother and noticeably brighter skin by the weekend.

“Everyone’s skin is so different, and our skin actually changes day-to-day. I could be dehydrated today and oily tomorrow. I never like to predict future skin treatments; It’s always important to have a thorough assessment before deciding on the best facial to give you maximum results.”


Radiance Renew Workout
“The Radiance Renew is 3-1 skin workout treatment that is designed to refine pores, smooth coarse texture and help renew skins’ dewy youthful glow. This powerful treatment combines Mandelic Acid and a radiance boosting mask followed by an AHA, BHA infusion to help smooth and restore skin luminosity.”

We experienced the Radiance Renew Workout at Vaia Beauty, the Zen Like space is located in Darlinghurst Sydney

The treatment is available nationally at selected Ultraceuticals Salons and is $160. It is recommended that you use the Ultraceuticals pigmentation range and have 2-3 of these salon treatments in conjunction to at home care, to treat stubborn discoloration and to really see the long term benefits and results.


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