The No Equipment Glute Workout That Will Lift Your Butt

There are a number of ways you can tone and lift your booty without the use of equipment, and they are probably more effective as they utilise your bodyweight and gravity so there’s no extra resistance required.

Barre Attack founder Renee Scott has shared some of her favourite no-equipment butt exercises.

Second position plies


Targets: Inner thighs, glutes, quads, core.

Stand straight with your legs out wide and feet turned out. Bend the knees and make sure they are over your toes. Scoop up through the stomach, lengthen the legs and stretch the knees. Feel that you’re lengthening through the whole torso growing taller each time you plie. 

Arabesque Toe Taps


Targets: Hamstrings, glutes, back extensor, core.

Standing on one leg with your knees slightly bent, lengthen the other leg behind the body. Lift the leg up to hip height and then lower the leg back down.

Hold on to a chair if you want extra stability otherwise you can reach the arms out in front. Make sure the weight in the supporting leg stays in the heel and you don’t over arch the lower back as you lift the back leg.

Butt Lift


Targets: Hamstring, glute, core.

Get on all fours have both your knees together. Lift one foot off the floor. Push the heel up towards the ceiling engaging the glute and hamstring, then bring the knees back to touch together. Keep core engaged like you’re in a plank position.


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