The Non Invasive Anti-Ageing Trends of 2017

By: Kaye Scott & Lisa Sullivan-Smith | The Clinic

Don’t know your Botox from your Fraxel? Lisa Sullivan-Smith and Kaye Scott are the dynamic duo behind Sydney beauty institution The Clinic. What they don’t know about Anti-Ageing simply isn’t worth knowing. Forget seeing a clairvoyant, this is the definitive guide on the latest sneak-ments and procedures you need to know for a beautiful future, at any age.

Their game plan: “we want to clear skin, remove sun damage and promote skin tightening,” they shared. Aiming to promote prevention as opposed to producing the stereotype of looking “over done”. “Rather, we are about enhancing your own beauty and keeping our clients looking like the individuals that they are. We’re not looking for new machines and injectables, and instead use a combination of preventative measures and appropriate treatments allowing our clients to love the skin they’re in,” Scott and Sullivan-Smith share.

20’s anti-ageing treatments/interventions

Improving texture and tone can help minimise the need for more aggressive treatments as we age. Collagen stimulation is necessary to keep skin plump and youthful, regulate oil production and reduce pore size, which allows for even skin texture and tone and an airbrushed look. Treatment and prevention from sun damage, which break down collagen, is important for us Australian girls. To address this issue in your 20’s, we recommend in-house medical grade peels.


These peels include lactic acid, retinol and salicylic acid as a first level of treatment; these types of peels all aim to clear congestion, brighten skin and allow for overall even skin texture and tone. Peels are recommended to be used as a regular treatment for skin maintenance, and can be done every 6 weeks.

Our second level of skin treatment would be IPL (Intense Pulse Light) which aims to reduce redness, red/brown marks caused by acne and sun damage, lift pigmentation, and even enhancing collagen. IPL can be used twice a year.

Lastly, for skin tightening we recommend Pelleve. This is a radio frequency treatment that aims to promote collagen stimulation, and remodels the skin by buffing out fine lines, which results in a plump, youthful look. Best used as a series of treatments, Pelleve is recommended to be done once a month for three consecutive months annually.

An example of a client in her 20s is Aisha Jade, who shares her routine from The Clinic on her blog.

30’s anti-ageing treatments/interventions

In our 30’s, people start to notice a change in their skin; unfortunately, ageing lines start to appear. To combat this, a muscle relaxant (cosmetic injections) can be used between the brows to soften lines, where those aging lines can be most prevalent. We recommended use of such muscle relaxants 3-4 times a year.


To promote and maintain a clear complexion, destroy brown spots and enhance cell turnover, IPL can still be used 3-4 times a year, though more heavy-duty treatment can be incorporated, such as Fraxel which is a fractional laser that addresses these issues a little more powerfully. And not only does Fraxel target pigmentation and scarring, it also boosts collagen, giving a plump texture and minimized pore size and wrinkles.

Continuing to incorporate peels into your 30’s is also something we recommend as an ongoing treatment to be performed every 4-6 weeks as skin care maintenance to keep skin clear and glowing.

40’s anti-ageing treatments/interventions

In our 40’s is anatomically when our fat pads descend, causing mid-face volume loss. To alleviate this problem, we use Voluma. Voluma is filler comprised of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in our bodies, but depletes as we get older. Voluma can lift the mid face area, helping to create more prominent cheek bones while minimizing jowls.


Glabellar (in between the eyebrows) and crows feet lines (found on the outside of the eyes) become more prevalent; in our 40’s, too, so we recommend muscle relaxants (cosmetic injections) that aim to reduce these lines and soften the overall areas.

We also encourage this age group to commence Thermage once a year. Considered the gold standard in non-surgical skin tightening, Thermage uses radio frequency technology to tighten and contour skin by stimulating deep-set collagen.

As for ongoing skin care maintenance, we still suggest peels to be performed every 4-6 weeks to ensure continued clear radiant skin.

Gwyneth Paltrow claims to love and receive Thermage treatments, and is a great example of a woman in her 40’s who benefits from this

50’s anti-ageing treatments/interventions

In our 50’s, laxity has set in, and we need deep penetration of heat to target collagen in the forehead, mid-face and jawline. A Thermage treatment once or twice a year would be best non-surgical treatment to target these areas of concern, and is achieved by remodelling collagen, which tightens and contours those problem areas. Thermage is also effective for other areas of the body to decrease skin laxity.

Another suggestion would be to receive Fraxel Dual, which is the mid-range of the fraxel treatments, on the face, neck or chest area three times a year. Fraxel Dual specifically targets sun damaged skin, and gives a refreshed and rejuvenated look to the treated area, and also has a tightening effect. A youthful, healthy glow follows the areas treated.

Additionally, injecting a muscle relaxant into the neck and jawline, performed two to three times a year, helps redefine, tighten and contour the appearance of these areas without surgery.

A great example of a woman in her 50’s we love the look of is Julianne Moore.

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