Celebrity Diets: The Trends and The Truths

Emma-Charlotte Bangay

Beauty and Lifestyle Expert

As perennial as the grass, celebrity diets pop up every year. And they only seem to get more and more strange – and dangerous. Emma Bangay gets the lowdown on the latest fads, and advice from the experts on how to successfully diet.

Although the latest crop of celebrity food crazes may sound relatively logical, it’s not a one diet fits all when it comes to the greater population. Here’s what some of the celebrities are turning to shed pounds (in conjunction with private chefs, personal trainers and plenty of time out on their itinerary!)

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1. Victoria Beckham, Kirsten Dunst and Jennifer Aniston are all reported to be on The Alkaline Diet bandwagon, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, but no acid-forming foods like dairy, pasta, meat and fish.

2 Katy Perry is revelling in love – and a newly-lithe frame – thanks to the M-Plan Diet, which sees her eat a mushroom-dense lunch or dinner every day for two weeks. Furthermore, it’s said to be beneficial for shifting a few extra kilos around the thighs and stomach.

3 For newly single Angelina Jolie, everything old is new again with her Ancient Grains Diet Plan. She apparently adds ancient grains, seeds, and nuts including spelt, buckwheat, quinoa, millet and chia to every meals and snacks regularly.

Right now, you need to stop consulting Google for your next food plan, and speak to a professional, advises Teresa Boyce, The Health Whisperer. “The best advice comes from a professional in the field,” she says, “so take the time to research nutritionists in your area and ask for recommendations from friends or family. Having a nutritionist write you a plan to support your needs and goals is the best approach to nutrition.”

This investment will not only save you time and money, but also future health issues, she cautions. “Yo-Yo dieting can negatively impact your lean muscle mass therefore slow your metabolism making it harder to maintain a healthy weight long term. I think diet abuse has a bigger and more powerful impact on mental health and poor self-esteem,” she says.

Teresa’s Top Tips for a Healthy Diet:

1 – “The word diet should simply represent the kinds of foods you eat on a regular basis,” says Teresa. “Unfortunately the word diet tends to be associated with food and calorie restriction, I think on a whole the word diet has negative connotations,” she says. “A healthy diet should encompass a variety of fresh seasonal foods, quality protein and essential fatty acids.”

2 – If you want to stick to a healthy diet, reset your mindset. “First of all change the word diet to nutrition plan it sets you up for a positive approach to changing the way you eat,” says Teresa.

3 – Plan your approach, advises Teresa. “Set out what you want to achieve in things like body fat reduction then write down your goals including the motivation behind wanting to achieve these goals,” she says. “Then read over your goals and motivation daily.”

4 – Get a friend or personal trainer involved to help keep you accountable, she advises. Having someone who has your best intentions at heart looking out for you means you will stay on track – and not do anything drastic.

5 –Plan the week ahead, write a meal plan and shopping list at the start of each week so you are prepared throughout a busy working week, Teresa suggests.

6 – Focus on all the great foods you can eat not all the foods you shouldn’t eat

Teresa’s Warning Signs:

If you check experience any of the following effects of your diet, it’s not right for you warns Teresa.

– Your diet becomes mentally consuming.
– You feel moody and exhausted all the time.
– You experience digestive issues such as constipation, pain or discomfort.
– You start to feel deprived and depressed.
– You are not achieving the results you are after.

In the end, smart nutrition beats celebrity diets every time, encourages Teresa. “We need to give up the battle with food, food is not the enemy but our thoughts can be,” explains Teresa. “We need to switch our focus to nourishment and fitness and forget about counting calories and being “skinny’”, she urges. “Each and every one of us needs to strive to be the fitness and healthiest we can be that includes a healthy appreciative mindset.


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