The Ultimate Summer Body Guide

Spring is here, it is a subtle reminder that bikini season is fast approaching and it’s time to shed that excess chocolate weight. Whether you’ve been totally slacking on your health and exercise regime or been breaking a sweat regularly, this guide by founder of FivePointFour Tamara Trentain will have you looking and feeling confident in no time.

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Mix it up

They say it takes around three weeks for a person to adapt a new exercise routine, meaning as you repeat a workout the easier your body will find it. When your body isn’t challenged, you burn fewer calories making it harder to achieve your goal weight. So when planning to get into shape make sure you mix up your exercise regime. Incorporating high-impact classes like cardio dance, boxing or boot-camp with low-impact strength classes like pilates, body pump and resistance training will give you the best results. When thinking high-impact classes opt for activities that bring both your feet off the ground at the same time, like jump squats, tuck jumps, burpees and skipping. For optimum results train for around 40-55 minutes. When it comes to low-impact classes’ think slow and steady, this goes the same for weight training, don’t push yourself. It is recommended to do weights that are 70% the weight of your potential. If you’re a beginner, sticking to body-weight resistance and light weights in the beginning will build muscles overtime and boost metabolism.

80/20 rule

We are all guilty of a little overeating now and then. When it comes to getting into shape it isn’t all about exercise, diet plays an important role! In fact, many nutritionists believe that the ratio between eating habits and exercise habits has an 80:20 proportional ratio. But this ploy can easily be defeated through the overwhelming number of options there are available to make eating healthy convenient and easy, like meal delivery service FivePointFour.

Make it routine

Leading a health driven lifestyle isn’t all about our daily eating habits, it’s about developing routines and sticking to them. To meet your optimum #bodygoals make exercising routine! Don’t think you have to go overboard when it comes to your fitness regime. Whether it be a low intensity walk at the end of the day, or heading to the gym straight after, stick to it! Whatever you do, find happiness in doing it and enjoy the endorphin rush! To get your body into the swing of things, make sure to do your exercise at the same time every day. This is a great way for you to make no excuse for skipping your exercise regime. 

Master the at home workout

You don’t need a 20 dollar a week gym membership to smash your fitness goals. Did you know that your metabolism increases by 150% when you just stand up? And it increases by 300% when you start walking? Being conscious of your movement and physical activity level is a priority when it comes to health. If you haven’t been able to fit in your 30-minute workout in the day, try a quick ab workout during your favourite prime time TV show.

Try this: 20 Russian twists, 20 side-to-side toe taps, 1-minute front bride and 30-second side bridge (both sides). Don’t forget to repeat each ad break, trust me it will make it go quicker! 

Find an app to motivate you

Use technology to your advantage; there is an abundance of apps at our fingertips that are developed at all fitness levels! Download onto your phone an App that suits you and that is orientated around your goal. Whether the app be one focusing on toning specific areas, a high intensity interval training programme or perhaps something more relaxed like Yoga or Pilates, these is an abundance of options, all of which carry valuable tips, tricks and information to put you well on your way toward your goals. 

Remember your goals

Lack of motivation and falling into temptations is completely normal when it comes to exercise and eating healthy. Don’t beat yourself up when you eat a piece of cake, or have one to many wines. Life is about balance, rewarding yourself of a sweet treat every now is completely fine, just don’t overdo it! So make your goals, SMART; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and around a Time constraint and see how far you can push yourself, but don’t forget to have fun while doing it!


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