The Workout Women Are Loving Right Now

While traditionally boxing has been seen as a male dominated sport, in recent years we are seeing more and more women join the ranks, be it in the ring itself or with workouts..
Why? Because boxing is about so much more than just fitness. It is about mindset, discipline and so much more! 12RND Fitness Managing Director, Tim West shares 5 reasons why so many women are choosing to box for fitness.
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1. It’s an Investment In Yourself

When you box for the first time, it’s this incredible adrenaline rush, mixed with an endorphin high that not only boosts your mood immediately after the workout, but leaves you wanting more. Boxing offers a high intensity full body exercise with the added edge of learning to hit and move like a pro-fighter. Over time, you will become more agile and sharp in both your movements and reaction time, meaning it offers both physical and mental benefits; you become strategic in how you use your body to maximise the effort of your punches and become quicker to evade counter strikes. These kinds of changes will begin to translate into everyday life where you become more aware of you body, and begin to use your new skillset to be more observational, analytical and focused, whilst also improving your overall fitness and daily energy levels.

2. Stress Regulation

Boxing encourages you to be in the zone, where you’re so focused that your brain enters a flow state, and you can comprehend more information in a shorter time frame. When you train with a coach, they’ll be giving you commands to throw a jab, cross, hook, uppercut or rip, and as you get more advanced they’ll begin to throw in evasion techniques, like rolls and slips. To keep up with these drills, you need to be alert and sharp. When you practise this state of mind, your brain creates five potent neurochemicals that can flush out stress-causing hormones.

3. You’re Adopting a New Hobby

When we get older, we often feel the urge to find something that we can do on a regular basis to inject passion into, and continue to master overtime; because boxing offers a lifelong skill progression, and is the kind of sport you can start at any skill-level, it’s the perfect hobby to start at any age. Boxing is a simple combination of adopting the right stance and learning the primary punches: jab, cross, hook, rip and uppercut, then difficulty increases when you incorporate balance, speed, power and movement. The beauty of it is that these are elements you can incorporate gradually and also increase in intensity overtime as you get better at it.

4. Develop a naturally toned physique

A pre-requisite of a fight is a weigh-in, to place boxers into their respective weight classes, and because you have to use your bodyweight to increase the force of punches, boxers need to maximise their muscle, but minimise weight to ensure that they are in the correct weight class for the best opportunity to win. That’s why boxers are renowned for their toned physique – their training regimes are completely dedicated to building lean muscle mass. When you train like a boxer, it’s a mix of strength and cardio, with explosive movements often using low weights (enough to create resistance) but higher reps that builds lean muscle and strips body fat.

5. It’s more accessible and convenient that you think

These days, you don’t have to step into a ring or spar with another fighter to learn how to box, and you never have to get hit! Boxing providers offer boxing and strength workouts with performance coach guidance to help you learn how to box just like a pro fighter, but at your own pace. Their workouts are designed to be like group-fitness but where you can still train independently, with the opportunity be get social with other members, and benefit from having a set workout ready for you each time you arrive. It’s designed like a championship boxing fight, with 12 x 3 minute rounds and 30 seconds rest in between, so you’re done in under 45 minutes.

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