This Could Be The Key To Maintaining Your Fitness

Sometimes half the battle is just getting out of the house. But having the right people in your life can make all the difference.

A supportive, motivating tribe of friends that you can share a cuppa with after a great class or workout can make your fitness journey a lifestyle – rather than a fad. Support can also be found online, with communities of people coming together to share tips and advice.

Gavin Aquilina, PT Operations Manager at Vision Personal Training shares how you can turn fitness moments into social moments, and community groups and online forums that could be where you find your tribe.

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Train with a group

Lots of people can find they struggle with the guilt they may feel from friends about not being ‘fun’ once they get on the health and fitness bandwagon.

In fact, the gym doesn’t need to be all business, and no pleasure. Gossiping with a friend as you run or cycle, or sharing a groan in a class when an instructor pushes you to do 10 more are great ways to bond over a shared goal.

Making exercise social is a key part of making fitness fun, and when exercise is fun you’re more likely to stick to getting fit.

Planning regular coffee dates post a class time is a way to create a social moment off the back on a bonding fitness activity.

More than just getting you up and out to the gym, you can in fact deepen and strengthen a friendship you already have – or build new ones. That’s where communities come in.

Community spirit develops naturally during classes. Birds of a feather flock together,


No one can better understand your fitness journey than someone with similar goals. That’s why a fitness community can be the best way to stay on track.

A great community will keep you accountable, but also be fun, motivating, welcoming, and supportive (not just physically).

By surrounding yourself with like-minded people through attending classes and sessions, fitness can be a way to develop close relationships and look forward to catching up with their new friends.

Difficult tasks are a huge bonding exercise and sharing the experience with classmates naturally will bring you closer together.

You will know when you have found your tribe when you feel supported, motivated, and challenged.

Not only will your tribe help you take your fitness journey to the next level, but it will also enhance your life overall. Together we’re stronger than when we’re apart.


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