This Parisian Injectable Is Beauty’s Biggest Breakthrough

“I think it’s going to be the very popular, famous baby in town next year.”

When it comes to all things beauty, it’s a well-known truth that the Parisians know best. From luxury skincare brands to anti-aging treatments – not to mention their effortlessly chic hair and overall style – there’s little the French haven’t taught us in the way of beauty.

Enter, the new breakthrough filler straight from Paris. The new filler bids farewell to stiff-looking and-feeling results and welcomes the newest filler technology yielding the most mobility-with- facial-expression offered to date. The Rha3 – made from the same company that created Teoxane – is designed to be the closest to human movement and all human expression on the face.

Putting the breakthrough filler to the test, RESCU took a visit to RESCU expert and renowned aesthetic physician Dr. Joseph Hkeik, to trial the injectable and experience its breakthrough technology first hand.

Following the filler insertion, Hkeik explains, “Because the filler is designed for expression, this is a great new generation offering for those somewhat filler shy.”

He continues, “For people worried about looking like they’ve had filler, this filler actually moves as you smile. It has the ability to expand and contract as you move your face.”

“It’s a hyaluronic acid filler – a natural substance found in the body – so people don’t need to be tested for it because it’s already in our skin.”

“I think it’s going to be the very popular, famous baby in town next year,” shares Hkeik of the new injectable.

The results become apparent immediately, with skin looking instantly better and filled. Hkeik shares, “In seven to fourteen days the filler will settle much better in your skin and will also bring more water so it hydrates itself and expresses itself in much better ways. It will also give you a light lift as well.”

When asked how long the results will last, Hkeik shares, “Anywhere between one year and one-and- a-half years.”

As for the procedure, Hkeik explains, “We have just done a mini liquid facelift addressing the changes that have occurred over the past six months. You’ve lost a tiny bit of volume on the cheek you sleep on – the right side – so I’ve put a tiny bit on the cheekbone area as to add width, not height.”

He continues, “I have given you a little bit of the filler on the apple of the cheek on the right side and a small amount in the same areas on the left just to hydrate your skin and to ensure both areas of skin look equally hydrated. I also added some support to the lower part of the face because you’ve lost some fat from these areas as well to support and help with any shadow hung below your lips, all the way to the chin.”

Magic delivered in a injection dispencer? Merci, Pari.


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