Three Ways To Fill Your Home and Office With Positive Energy

We all know that feeling when we walk into a place and it has negative energy. We can’t pinpoint exactly what it is about the space that makes it feel that way, but we can sense it straight away. It drains our own energy and leaves us feeling flat in no time. Author, Mahdi Mason shares how you can fill your space with positive energy.

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When an area has a negative vibe, it can slow us down, cause conflicts between people, impose constant bad luck and even damage our health.

There are many reasons why a home, office or building may accumulate negative energy. A build-up of psychic energy is the most common cause and nearly every space on the planet has some sort of old psychic energy influencing it. Psychic energy is the metaphysical energy that people (and spirits) leave behind when they have spent time in an area.

Luckily, there are things we can do to shift that energy, raise the vibration, and have the space feeling light and energised. Below are the top three things you can do to make a room feel great in no time:

1. Place a large crystal in the centre of the space

Intuitively choose a large (at least hand sized) crystal that you love and place it somewhere where it can influence the entire room. Crystals have different uplifting qualities, but trust that the one you select is right for your space. There is something that drew you to that crystal and that means it will help you to shift the energy. We are all more intuitive than we give ourselves credit for, so trust that there’s a part of you that knows what it is doing.

While you are setting the crystal in its final location, set the intention for it to help lift and keep the energy light in that space. This is what is known as activating the crystal. It works to set the crystal with a purpose. It should be noted that once you have activated a crystal with a purpose, you shouldn’t change it. Once the crystal has done its job, or you no longer need it in that space, you should gift it back to the earth (by burying it) somewhere on the property.

If the world of crystals is new to you and you don’t have a clue where to start, you can’t go wrong with a clear quartz cluster.

2. Invite nature in

Whether its indoor plants, views of trees and green spaces, the sound of birds nearby or places for people to sit and enjoy outside in the elements, nature will uplift your space. Nature not only absorbs negative energy but it is essential for positive minds, bodies and spirits. Humans evolved in nature and we need to be connected to it for our physical, mental and energetic bodies to function at maximum capacity.

If the space you are trying to improve is in a high-rise building or somewhere where it is very difficult to open windows, placing pictures of natural landscapes around the place will help. It has been scientifically proven that just looking at a photo of nature for five minutes reduces stress, anxiety and pain in people.

3. Match the colours to the purpose of the space

What is it you want to cultivate in the space? Is it creativity? Productivity? Do you need the space to feel calm and grounding? The colours that surround us have an impact on the way we feel and operate. That means we should aim to match the colours of our spaces with what we wish use the spaces for so that we can harness the powers of the colours to our advantage.

Here’s a quick list of colours and what they help to cultivate:

Brown/earth colours: Grounding
Red: Manifestation of material and physical desires
Orange: Creativity, sexuality
Yellow: Self-confidence and power
Green: Love and healing
Light blue: Communication and self-expression
Dark blue: Vision and intuition
Purple: Spirituality and connection

Once you have made a space feel more positive, there are things you can do on a regular basis to maintain the lighter energy. They include playing music, diffusing essential oils, opening doors and windows to let fresh air and light in and de-cluttering regularly.

If you can’t shift the negative energy, you may need to call in a professional property healer. Sometimes the land below a house or building carries dense energy from things like ley lines, underground water, electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress. In these cases, the land itself needs to be healed before the property rids its negative vibe.

Raising the vibration of the places we live and work in can have a huge impact on our happiness and health. Try it for yourself and start reaping the benefits today.

What have you done to change the feel of a place? How did it change your life?


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