Tips And Tricks For Feeling Your Best This Summer

It is official, summer is here! It’s incredible the effect summer sunshine alone can have on boosting your feelings of wellness. But it’s important to look after yourself if you want to feel your best and have an amazing summer. Jess Spendlove and Chloe McLeod from Health and Performance Collective have put together a few of our favourite tips and tricks to help you feel your best through all of the fun and socialising which happens in summer including the festivities, holidays, long-lunches, and plenty of (sun safe) beach time.

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1. Get yourself outdoors.

The winter months can leave us short on time spent outdoors, and low in the all-important sunshine nutrient Vitamin D (think healthy bones, increased immunity and better mood!). Summer is when much of the outdoors is at its most beautiful. And the best part – you don’t have to spend any money to enjoy it. Go for a morning dip in the ocean, an afternoon stroll, laze about and read a book in the park, or even have a picnic outside!

2. Movement.

Finding the motivation to go to the gym in winter can be tough – the shorter days, the dark mornings and the low temperatures can be uninviting for most. As we know, summer time means extended daylight hours and warm weather make getting moving a whole lot easier. Exercise is a guaranteed way to feel good – in more ways than one. Feel-good endorphins are released, stress-levels go down, sleep is improved – and who doesn’t want to feel fitter and healthier? Do what you enjoy, and you’ll stick to it – whether it be hitting the gym, running, bike riding, swimming, bushwalking or boot-camp. Consistency is key!

3. Reduce inflammation.

Poor diet, low physical activity, lack of sleep and stress can all cause inflammation in our body. A healthy diet and exercise are vital to tackling this inflammation – but a lesser known anti-inflammatory agent is rosehips! These berry-like fruits are a source of Vitamin C, antioxidants and phytochemicals (biologically active compounds). Their anti-inflammatory effect is due to the phytochemical ‘GOPO’. Rosehip Vital GOPO has been formulated to contain this active ingredient – and may support joint health, reduce pain, stiffness and swelling often associated with arthritis, and promote general health.

4. Make friends with salad.

Move away from warming comfort food and into fresh and nourishing salads for a mighty hit of vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. Salads make satisfying meals on their own (ensure to add a good serve of protein), or the perfect side dish to summer evening BBQ’s. Practice the rule of three and include a minimum of three different colours. And don’t forget to make it interesting – think mango, beetroot, figs, roast veg, nuts and seeds. Fill half your plate with salad or veg, and you’re good to go!

5. Enjoy the season’s fruit in all the colours.

Summer fruits are coming in to their element, and we are bursting with excitement! Stone fruit, figs, berries, watermelon and mangoes will be ready to go for fruit platters at your summer events. Summer fruit is brimming with numerous antioxidants; including Vitamin C, anthocyanins and carotenoids – disease-fighting compounds give fruits their different colours.

And don’t be scared off by the sugar content – fruit provides too much other goodness to be avoided, and the sugar is digested differently to that of processed foods.


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