Tips To Rehydrate Your Hair This Autumn

We have bid adieu to our dearly beloved summer and although we are (slowly) coming to terms with this change, our hair can’t make the adjustment on its own! As Autumn is upon us, it’s important to make the appropriate changes in our hair care routine to adapt to the cooler, dryer weather. Philips Haircare ambassador, Paloma Rose Garcia provides us with her top tips on how to rehydrate your hair to help keep it healthy, shiny and gorgeous this change of season.

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Use hydrating conditioners

Ensure you’re using a hydrating conditioner, and once a week you can use an intensive treatment by leaving it in your hair for 15-30 minutes before washing out. It’s always a good idea to cut back on shampoo sessions and to not over wash and further dry your hair out.

De-tangle delicately

Dry or damaged hair tends to knot and break far easier than healthy hydrated hair. Brush your hair dry before you wash your hair. Try not to knot up the hair too much when you shampoo. When conditioning make sure you brush through in the shower with a tangle teezer.

Invest in styling tools that protect moisture

Styling tools can damage and dehydrate your hair. When using these tools, it’s important to opt for products that preserve the hair’s natural hydration such as the Straightener. With an innovative sensor that diagnoses your hair’s moisture levels, this wand adapts the temperature to your hair’s specific needs, protecting it from overheating with every stroke. Make sure to prepare your hair with a leave-in conditioner beforehand and finish with a protective spray.

Hair masks are your friend

For particularly damaged or coloured hair, use a repair mask once a week. Do two shampoos, get out of the shower towel dry your hair well then apply a mask and brush through and Pop up into a bun, leave in for 30 mind or sleep with it in overnight. For blondes, a silver or purple shampoo will also do wonders for keeping lighter coloured hair looking perfect, and will prevent it from going brassy.

Tight hair bands are not your friend

Using a tight elastic to tie your hair in pony-tails or buns can cause a lot more damage than you know. The pressure on your hair, particularly if it is damaged and dry, will cause breakage and split ends. Try to use a big scrunchie, or an “Invisibobble” to tie loosely and avoid wearing it up to bed or for a few days in a row.


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