Top 5 Liquid Lips And Everything About Them

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

Lipstick has always been one of the most common items when it comes to makeup.

For some, it’s the only product they wear, giving that little bit of colour to the face and then for others, their lip colour could change multiple times a day, suiting the mood, fashion look or occasion.

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Either way, the lip category in makeup is always growing with more textures and shades than ever before, one being the rise of liquid lipsticks, but what are they?

A traditional bullet style lipstick is iconic in so many ways.

With the wind up pointed tip for easy application, it has become a symbol of femininity, but with texture and lifestyle changes, has come a new wave of lipstick products to suit these new trends.

Liquid Lipsticks can sometimes appear to be like lip gloss, because of similar packaging, but liquid lips usually give a stronger colour payoff, have a ‘staining effect’ and dry off into a matte appearance, one of the main reasons liquid lips have become so popular.

Liquid Lips, like any lip colour, can only look as good as the lip condition underneath.

When you are exfoliating your face, hopefully once a week in the shower, take some product to your lip area (this change of season/cold snap can really dry out your lips) and gently exfoliate in small circular motions to smooth lip surface.

Immediately after applying lip balm or a cream to soften, this will guarantee a better bond, especially when wearing matte liquid lipsticks.

Here are 5 of my favourite liquid lipsticks.

1. Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips RRP $49

Shade: Charlotte Darling

Charlotte is famous for her big selection of nude tones and is my go-to for nudes!

Of course, there are a full range of shades, but the velvet like, creamy textures make application a breeze and they are pretty much matte immediately because of this texture finish. The creamy texture also makes them a comfortable choice for a matte finish.

2. Zoeva Pure Matte Lips RRP $20

Shade: Dare to Dream

These are a new addition to my makeup kit and I love the rich shades, especially because they dry so matte from their liquid textures.

The shades are one thing, but the supple colour then locks onto your lips, giving exceptional long-lasting colour.

3. NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment RRP $38

Shade: American Woman

I have always been a big fan of NARS lip products, they seem to apply so well and more importantly, LAST!

This texture seems quite liquid at first, compared to other similar products, but it dries quickly and sets very well, really staining the lip.

Because of this stain like texture, they are less creamy than other liquid lips, but amazing longevity and feel weightless.

4. Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Crème RRP $43

Shade: Creamy Nude Rose

Not the biggest shade range, but I love these for everyday wear, as the tones are neutrally perfect and a very comfortable wear.

They have all the benefits of a usual liquid lip, easy to apply thanks to the in-built applicator, dries into a matte finish, but these babies are much more hydrating, leaving a fresher feeling on the lip and not to dry.

Because there is more hydration, the lasting power isn’t as long, but you have to ask yourself, do I want comfort, or longevity. The answer will be different for us all.

5. Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Colour RRP $36

Shade: Uncensored

Now if you didn’t know already, Fenty Beauty is by Rihanna. Love it already.

This is a one shade wonder, but a lot of the brands I have mentioned have colour, yet specialise in neutrals, whereas, this beauty is a stunning true red, like HOT!

I love the unique applicator, it’s very precise and allows just enough product on your lips for easy blend and the colour intensity is truly amazing.

The quick dry factor is quite amazing and it lasts for hours, so if you are looking for a true red, look no further!


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