Top 5 Looks from the 67th Emmys Red Carpet

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

 We all love a Red Carpet… The celebrity watch, the glamour and of course the trends. For myself as a Makeup Artist, it’s how I get a lot of inspiration for my own makeup work for our very own Red Carpet events here in Australia.

Red Carpet trends for a few seasons have been very paired back… Loose, textured hair, fresh and nude tones with skin becoming the hero… I personally love it.

But have we lost a little old school glamour? I think no, we are just modernising what traditional Hollywood beauty was all about. No mask makeup, no bold placed looking colour, but lived in, polished beauty!

Here are a few of my fave looks from the 67th Emmys red carpet earlier this week…



Sofia Vergara

Now I am not going to lie… Sofia is a little ‘1 look wonder’ when it comes to her Red Carpet looks, but why change a good thing hey?

The typical loose wave, hair with centre part gives softness to her always-nude toned winged shape shadow combo… Lips have been from Red, Pink and this year a nude brick toned brown was applied.

Always a hit and always striking, even if it is the same style, year after year – It just goes to show you can still rock the same signature beauty look, time after time if it is the right one for you…


To create an outer winged shape shadow like Sofia, place a pencil or brush from outer nostril, diagonally up to outer point of your brow. This shows you the wing line you want to create and nothing should be applied further out from this line, as it will droop the eye.




Lady Gaga

Wow wee…. I love this extremely toned down beauty look for Lady Gaga… It is great to see a touch of classic Hollywood showing through, with that Gaga edge still coming through.

This is an extremely wearable look for any women to achieve with fresh, highlighted skin and nude tones on the eye and lips – Take the lashes off and it could be a makeup for an everyday event, but with them on, it pulls focus and creates that brilliant red carpet edge.

My advice is to always dress for what you are attending, this includes beauty – there is always a time and a place.


To create a fuller lash, only apply mascara at the very base of your lashes – try and get as much product on the base as this is where we need more depth and curve. If you go straight for the top, you will weigh the lash down with product. Comb through from the base, and never zig-zag long lashes, as they will sway then clump.

*If fake lashes are used like here, trim strip lashes into 3-4 sections… This is easier to apply than a full strip and looks more natural than a heavy base line.



Heidi Klum

Heidi always has a bronze glow about her beauty look… As we age, we need light on our faces, but having a too dewy finish is often not the best red carpets as the wear time is less.
Because of this it’s great to apply your glow under your foundation – on the focal high points of the face to create light and lift – so your skin is luminous, but not shiny by applying too much over the top.

Pulling the hair back into a sleek low bun looks elegant, but even more reason why the skin must have a glow as it is very exposed.


When highlighting, think where you get sunburnt first…

Middle of forehead, cheekbone, centre of nose, chin and we can add in the cupids bow of the top lip for more pout. Everywhere you highlight will look lifted and therefore the face is more youthful.



Taylor Schilling

The hair trend of the red carpet… Short hair is in, off the shoulders and carefree.
The waves give great texture and also some volume – perfect style for our upcoming warmer months.
I love the use of warm tones… It is important to know your skins undertone and then work with it. Taylor has a fair, more pink-based skin and because of this her shades should resemble summer shades.
That warm toned lip, and the bronze wash of eyeshadow across her eyelids is perfect for her complexion, hair colour, plus brings out her eye colour.


If you have difficulty knowing your skin undertone, look at the back of your wrists – the truest tone on our skin. The little veins we see can help determine our under base…

If they are of a blue hue, you are fair and pink undertone – You need warmer shades to balance out the pink.
If they are of a green hue, you are olive with a yellow undertone – You need brightening and colour as the skin can be slightly dull.



 Padma Lakshmi

I always love a woman in her 40’s that exudes confidence when it comes to beauty and what better way to show that off than with a fierce contour and a bold red lip!

We haven’t seen that many bold lips of late on Red Carpets…. Most opting for nudes of beige, peach or pink, but is the bold lip dying?

I think not, but at these events, a bold lip is definitely a commitment, so it’s important to find one that lasts for you. Oh, and make sure your lips are in tip top condition, so your lipstick bonds perfectly throughout the evening,


When exfoliating your face, use a small amount over your lip area in soft circular movements… This will help de-flake the lip, especially through the colder months when they can flake – much better for lipstick application.

Applying your lipstick with your fingertip, pressing and dabbing the pigment into the lip for a strong bond is how I apply lipstick when they are needing it to last – You can always apply lip liner after to sharpen your lip edge.


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