Top Beauty Products 2013 by Makeup Artist Michael Brown

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

We seem to have more and more choice when comes to beauty every new year and 2013 delivered a number of great new launches in makeup and skincare. With so many products to choose from, only a few become regulars in my makeup kit, or my own personal skincare routine…

Read on to find out what’s sitting pretty in my makeup bag and what has become my top beauty products 2013.


I use a lot of different skincare products and textures in my makeup kit as I am dealing with so many different client skin concerns – It’s important to address all their needs and be the perfect base for under makeup, this helps with longer lasting results.


Lancôme Dream Tone

The one product from 2013 that has made a big impact for me is Dream Tone by Lancôme.

‘Corrector’s’ in general have been huge this year with certain brightening skincare and CC (cover correctors) creams making it big in the market, but Dream Tone is a little special..
There are 3 different skincare formulations, customized for different pigmentation – Light, Medium and Dark skin are all catered for working on dark spots and general brightening of the skin – yes please!

I use it myself daily, but it is in my kit also as I love the light texture, a great base before moisturiser, with the light tint matching your skin tone giving a stunning glow.

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist Intense (limited Edition)


I love a good hydrating mist, they are so refreshing, but for my kind of work they can be the best prep product and even lightly over makeup to lock hydration in the skin.

Jurlique are known for amazing natural akincare and the Rose Water mists are so common amongst makeup artists as the light mist on the face can calm, balance and give a boost of hydration, plus for the client, feel so fresh, which is important as some can be a little stressed or feeling hot etc..

I sometimes use it very lightly once makeup is applied if I feel my client needs a little extra boost of hydration, so foundation looks very natural and sits close to the skin – so soothing!


I must admit, I am a little picky with foundation and concealer…

I have my favorites and a product, in texture, would have to really impress for me to change brands.

I have been using a lot more BB creams this year, they seem to last longer with less shine, giving natural beauty – winning!


Kiehl’s Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream SPF30 PA+++

With a name like that, I was hooked from day one, but I loved that this little gem delivered its promise!

Light, natural, semi matte skin is the perfect, all day, makeup base…
I still believe women in Australia apply too much foundation, therefore looking overly made up, skin creasing occurs during long wear and shine can creep up during the day with thick formula’s.

This BB (Beauty Balm) cream, with added Vitamin C – amazing for correcting and brightening skin, comes in 3 shades and definitely gives my clients a radiant look while helping to improve skin tone.
*MB TIP – Always apply from the centre of the face outwards, covering concern areas first, then sweeping to areas that do not need as much coverage.

lauramercierLaura Mercier Matte Radiance Matte Bronzer

I’m a BIG fan of Bronzer and every woman needs one in her makeup bag…

It gives an all-over face glow, great for contouring and adding structure to areas like the cheekbones and eye sockets, as well as being used for a bronze tone blush or eye shadow!

Most bronzers are highly pigmented, which can be good, if you know what you are doing, but too often women can apply too much or it can look patchy.
This bronzing gem has been baked, with a rounded surface for easier application and the pigment is a little lighter, which means you can build up the colour beautifully and easily.

*MB TIP – Bronzer should always be applied in the centre of the face first, sweeping outwards, mimicking the way the sun hits the skin naturally.

Tom Ford Skin Illuminator – Fire Lust (limited Edition)

Bronzer to add shape and structure to the face and illuminator to add light to the face… Perfect combination right??


I am fan of illuminator and most come in silver, pearl like undertone, but this Fire Lust shade from Tom Ford was inspired for summer… Think warm, golden with a little peach added in – now that is summer skin.
Limited Edition for summer it is my new go-to for adding warm light on the skin.

I always apply this liquid texture lightly over foundation on the areas I want to bring forward and add a glow.
Above cheekbones, peak of brow, centre of nose, cupids bow are all areas where I dab, using my fingertip and you will have the best summer skin, ever!


New products, shades and textures in the eye category are endless with every brand adding new finishes and shades to their already existing collections.

I do have some new faves from 2013 that are now daily use in my makeup kit with some great results, which clients are loving…

ck ck one (mono) powder eye shadows

I use all different brands of eye shadows, once again for different reasons and eye palettes normally excite me, as they are easier to carry around. With having more than one shade to choose from.

I use a lot of matte, taupe style shades, to shape the eye sockets and lash line, then build up pigment in the desired shade from there.

One thing I do love though, is a metallic shadow applied just on the mobile lid only, to enhance the eyelid, but also create a feature and focus – the light catches this area a lot as it moves when blinking.

This new range in 2013 from ck one really has made this effect easy with the great shade choices and metallic texture of the product.

Use alone as a wash across the entire eyelid, or just as a pop to finish the eye look on the mobile lid, either way, these shadows really ‘dress up’ any eye makeup.

MB Tip – Always dab with a brush in the centre of eye first where you want most pigment, then blend side to side to finish the mobile lid ‘pop’ effect.


Rimmel ScandalEyes Thick & Thin Eye Liner

Liquid Liner made a big compact in 2013 all over the world in many fashion shows and red carpets.
From bold winged eyes, to just thin, lash line enhancement, it was the year of the cat eye, or 60’s MOD looks everywhere the eye could see…

I tend to use pot gel liners with a brush when applying liquid liner, as the brush is angled.

This new product from Rimmel does just that…

The 3D slanted Tip, allows me to create amazing effects from just adding depth, applying a thin line to the top lashes or using the angled edge, thicker base closest to the lash and pointy tip facing outwards, for a beautifully winged cat eye – options are so good to have as you may want a different liner effect for each day.

MB Tip – for the perfect wing, measure the start and finish points of your wing when the eyes are open, as this is how your eyes are going to be seen by others – it will give you the perfect angle. When eyes are closed, the skin can stretch, not giving you the correct finish line.

Avon Mega Effects Mascara

I love when something completely unique comes out in the cosmetics market and this year Avon certainly did that.

Mascara is something that even the no makeup, makeup girls would use…

It is similar to a foundation, once you find one that gives you great results, you rarely change to a different brand – so many loyal mascara users out there that would be super sad if their fave was discontinued – Not Happy Jan!

Mega Effects at first could be a nail polish, or looks like a little highlighter you use when studying notes, but no, it is in fact a paint-on style mascara.

Think old school. Women used to paint on a mixture of petroleum jelly and soot/kohl to get their lashes dark and now the 2013 version from Avon gives MEGA volume.

You simply paint on the formula to the lash and the handle is adjustable to always get more product to lash, quicker.

I have never been a fan of the zig-zag application of mascara (except when very stumpy) as the lashes will then sway and more than likely clump, especially when long – no thanks.

Instead, I prefer to tell my clients to blink onto their wand and slowly comb the wand through the lash, twisting the wrist slightly so all mascara attaches to your lashes. With Mega Effects, it does it all for you with the slight U curve to mimic the lashes and with the front on handle you can layer and ‘paint’ on as much as you want, definitely a new toy I love and with an oniine store rumored to be available to all by January, perfect timing!


I bet so many of you have a truckload of lipsticks, but mainly because of shade choice… We all want a colour for every occasion and outfit, but for me its all about the texture and long wear with the perfect finish.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine

Hydrating lipsticks are great to always have in your bag, as lips can get so dry.
These 2013 additions to YSL have 8-hour hydration and are a fab moisturizing pigment for anyday, or even applied over a more matte lipstick to create a smoother look if your lips are a little dry.
This particular style of lipstick will never last as long as a matte lipstick, but they sure do feel amazing, as they are not dry at all – a very fresh look with pigment more than a gloss and less sticky – always my choice for a daytime event.

Model Co Party Proof Lipsticks

I love a full pigment lippie, one that will look bold and of course last…
I have found them!! Model Co have my go-to matte lipsticks, they are such full pigment, matte, but do come in a cream formula for those that suffer from dry lips.
Matte lipsticks can be tougher in winter when lips can chap, but in summer, it’s my go to as they last so well even in extreme heat.
As long as you condition, gently exfoliate your lips, this product can look amazing all day – you can layer the above YSL formula if you want the matte as the base stain, then the slight sheen on top.

MB Tip – I use my fingertip to dab and apply to lip to make sure lip and lipstick bond, and then use a lip brush to finish and clean off edges.
If I use a liner, it is only after lipstick has been applied to sharpen edges, this stops the liner pulling focus, let your lippie be the hero! J

OK… Just one more… Let’s say its Top 10, with a bonus!

SPF is a big part of my beauty routine personally and with clients venturing outdoors, or during sunny day photo shoots, it is a must!

So much ageing is by the sun, so add this to your routine and you will be radiant now and in years to come.


Ultraceuticals Sun Active SPF 50

Designed especially for the face, meaning non-greasy and foundation can be worn over the top beautifully… Some are quite thick in texture and will change the way your foundation will sit and we just can’t have that!

I like that it feels almost matte once applied, no white or streaky looking skin, plus the added time benefit of SPF 50, why wouldn’t you anti-age yourself daily with this sun safe beauty?

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