Top Ten Tanning Tips with Jennifer Hawkins

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jennifer-hawkins-tanHow do you get a really great, safe tan? Here are the failsafe top ten tanning tips and tricks for preparing – and executing – a sublime, slip-up-free summer glow.

1. Prioritise The Prep:

No matter how little time is left on the clock, prioritise exfoliation. It’s the only way to ensure tanner really holds to skin, rather than flaking off fast. “I do this in the bath or shower with an exfoliating mitt so that I can rehydrate the skin and remove dead skin cells simultaneously”, says Jennifer Hawkins – she of the perfect tan and her own new brand – JBronze “Tanning doesn’t have to be a chore. Use this bath time to have a moment to yourself to relax and unwind.”

2. The Devil Is in the detail:

Ankles, knees, forehands and elbows are notorious for lapping up uneven coverage, so take great care here. “Use a light moisturiser on your heels, elbows and knuckles as a barrier,” says Jennifer, noting that heaped on hydration is the key to her best tans. Lots of water, moisturizer and fish oil tablets all help, she adds. “Your tan will last longer and won’t be patchy if your skin is well hydrated.”

3. Glove Up:

Go the gloves, says Jennifer. “I like to use a clear latex kitchen glove,” she says, explaining that whether it’s a spray, mousse or lotion, applying it to the glove and rubbing it over the body that way in circular motions works best for her. “ I leave my knees, feet and hands until last and then I give my feet and knees a light spray. After that, I take my gloves off to spray the backs of my hands. It doesn’t take me long at all – max 5/10 minutes.

4. Start Afresh:

Never tan over old tan. “It will become patchy and you’ll appear orange,” warns Jennifer.

5. Layer upon Layer (if you like):

“You are better off applying a light coat and topping up, than looking too brown,” she says. “But one coat should be enough.”

6. Wave blotchy hands Goodbye:

Take precautions to prevent tanner in between the fingers and on the palms if you’re not using gloves, advises Jennifer. “I use a barrier cream on my ankles, elbows, knuckles and fingers and I also use a make-up remover wipe to wipe tan from my knuckles and ankles to prevent a build up,” she says.

7. Keep the Face Fresh:

Use a tinted moisturizer/tanner on the face so that it is ever-so-subtle and will hydrate and add a hint of colour simultaneously. You don’t want to go from white to post-Whitsunday’s holiday overnight!

8. Nude Up (for now)

Never put on clothes straight away – no matter how fast drying the formulation is – as this will just lead to streaks and uneven patches.

9. Get Sexy Back (with the help of your boyfriend)

Use a tanning spray for the back as the best brands have a nozzle that can target up to 15cm away, and then you can call on the help of a flat-mate or boyfriend to rub in the rest.

10. Try a Tint:

Always choose a tinted or coloured formula of fake tan – the darker the better – so that you can see exactly where it has and hasn’t been applied, and how well it’s been evenly spread – and absorbed – by the skin.

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