Training Styles Health Experts Like in 2017

We are very lucky in Australia when it comes to health and fitness. For starters we have some of the best experts in the world sharing their knowledge and success stories, we have tonnes of training styles to choose from including functional training, HIIT, Barre, silent yoga discos, variations of spin, martial arts and more and of course, we have an amazing climate that (on most occasions) that allows for us to easily get outdoors or commute to our studio of choice.

We decided to ask some of our favourite experts how they are liking to stay fit and healthy in 2017 for some much need inspiration as we head into winter!

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Scottie Hendo

Co-Founder of Active Swimwear Brand ALL I SEA

I like to keep fit by keeping my body guessing and throwing different styles of workouts into my plan.

Activating different muscles and energy systems through a variety of workouts keeps my metabolism firing and makes sure that my results don’t plateau. Mixing up workout styles and locations also keeps things interesting and easy to stick to. Even though there are many different forms of sport and exercise in my program, my training still follows a plan, with firm goals and targets.

For strength, I will include gym sessions and body weight sessions in the backyard or down by the beach, changing location to keep things fresh.

These sessions are usually supplemented by short periods of anabolic conditioning, trying to maximise power output over shorter periods of time and “engine building”. Conditioning is one of my favourite aspects of my training, and allows me to really get creative. I love workouts where I can incorporate as much variety as possible, including swims, boxing, gym rowing, barbell & lighter weight work, short beach sprints, and body weight exercises.

3 times a week I’ll also completed an active recovery workout, on the bike, in the pool, surfing or going for run. These sessions are the perfect opportunity to switch off mental, relax the muscles, and refocus on training.

This style of training has proved extremely popular lately, as can be seen with the rise of workouts such as F45 and Crossfit, and the increase in popularity of the “multi-sport” athlete. For the uninitiated, variety keeps training fun and interesting, while the style continually pushes and challenges more seasoned athletes towards greater strengths and fitness heights.

Renee Scott

Founder of Barre Attack

I have created my favourite way to workout in the form at Barre Attack.

I used to be a professional ballet dancer for the Hamburg Ballet and a number of other companies. After my ballet career, I went on to study Pilates under guidance of Joseph Pilates direct descendant Romana Kryzanowska.

I opened my own Pilates studio however I found that the sole Pilates workout didn’t give my clients everything they needed in one hit, hence why Barre Attack was born. Barre Attack includes conditioning/ cardio circuits, ballet strength work which is done at the bar and standing Pilates exercises . We now have over 10, 000 women practicing Barre Attack every week in Australia

Kate Kendall

Co-Creator of Flow After Dark, Yoga Silent Disco

I love a balanced a complete fitness regime which is what we encourage at Flow Athletic and includes strength, fitness and mobility (yoga). I’m most passionate about yoga – not only because it makes me feel good but it’s essential for my mental health.

My approach to yoga is down to earth, light-hearted and fun. I get a kick out of creating soul-expanding experiences for both myself, the people who take my classes, participate in my yoga teacher trainings and any of the events I teach at.


Katie Isabelle Martin

PT and Dance Instructor

I love to keep fit by working out on the beach! The sand becomes my resistance, the dunes become my incline and the waves become my music. There’s something incredibly cathartic and rejuvenating about transforming the beach into your gym. There’s a big misconception that you require dumbbells, treadmills and ellipticals to achieve an effective workout, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. The beach is a perfect location for a functional, multi-dimensional, non-conventional workout. I implore everyone to try exercising by the water, to not only intensify their workout but to reinvigorate the body, mind and soul.

Tegan Haining

Celebrity Trainer, Contestant on Australian Survivor 

For me on the recovery front I am loving Cyrotherapy followed by an Fascia Stretch Session. Cryotherapy is the cooling of the body in a chamber of nitrogen mist. The body reacts to the cold by sending all the blood to the internal organs increasing oxygen and nutrients in the blood. Upon returning to normal the enriched blood floods back into the skin and muscles promoting muscle regeneration, skin repair and a reduction of joint pain and inflammation. Follow this up with a fascia stretch and you have a unique combo. The enriched blood is moved through the fascial net furthering the release of trigger points and tightness in the hips, lower back, and shoulders. Excellent for people with annoying impingements they can’t seem to shift. Or just for the athlete who wants to maximise there performance potential.


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