Transforming Your Favourite Snacks Into Healthy Treats

With The Bachelor flooding our screens over the past few weeks and ‘bachy viewing parties’ becoming the top social event, putting on a killer spread for friends and family mid-week fast becomes top of the to do list.

With what feels like spring in the air, we spoke with ex-Masterchef and Philips Kitchen Appliance ambassador, Callum Hann about his tips for transforming your ultimate indulgent snacks into delicious healthy treats.

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I love when food brings us together and what a better chance to have your closest family and friends over than premier season. Entertaining wise I prefer to keep things simple, fresh and seasonal, switching out the beloved French fry for homemade sweet potato fries and making super fresh dips like my easy guacamole recipe.

Healthy Chips?

Everyone loves a good batch of fries, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to transforming this entertainer favourite into a healthier option. If the traditional chip is what you’re after, try throwing some potatoes into the oven, or even better, switch to low-GI friendly sweet potato fries. I love to use my airfryer, to airfry all kinds of veggies from zucchinis, parsnips or even carrots in a matter of minutes. The best part is that you’re still able to achieve that same crispiness without the need for loads of oil or time – leaving you free to entertain your guests!

Healthy Salty Snacks?

With the television on, everyone is reaching for a bag of nuts or a salty snack. However, instead of purchasing those extra salty snack packs, why not make your own healthy version. Combine a variety of seeds and nuts such as macadamias, almonds, pepitas and sunflower seeds, with a tablespoon or two of olive oil and your favourite herbs and spices. Then pop them into the oven or airfryer for a delicious homemade crunch. Try my personal favourites chilli, cumin or even cinnamon for a holiday twist on your entertainer favourites.

Healthy Dips?

Love the convenience of pre-made dips but concerned about any hidden nasties within? The good news is that crowd pleaser dips like hummus, avocado guacamole or beetroot tzatziki, can be made in less than ten minutes with the aid of a food processor. Pair the dips with veggie sticks or airfry some pita breads for a ‘nacho’ style option sans the guilt.

Healthy Ice-cream?

Love ice-cream but prefer it to be nice-cream? Making your own favourites has never been easier. Simply combine a frozen banana in a food processor with a dash of juice, milk or coconut milk with your favourite natural flavouring and blend until smooth. Create a creamy chocolate sorbet by adding a tablespoon of cocoa powder or spice things up by creating your own peppermint from mint leaves, spinach and honey.

Healthy Desserts?

When it comes to dessert, I just can’t go past the all indulgent chocolate mousse. Who knew that this all-time star could be packed with healthy ingredients that even your biggest sweet-toothed friends will be raving about. Creamy avocado and banana can replace traditionally buttery ingredients, whilst still maintaining that creamy consistency that we hate to love most. Better yet,try swapping melted chocolate for a cacao powder and use a natural sweetener, such as maple syrup or honey, for a shame-free alternative.

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