Warm Up Your Winter Skin With These Makeup Tips

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

Waking up with a chill to the face is probably not your favourite thing in the morning, but it doesn’t mean you have to look how you feel. We don’t always want people to see how we are feeling, so lets warm our faces up so everyone feels better about the winter months, by using summery tones with a twist!

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Complexion Warmers

It all starts with skin and there are ways to warm up your face before we even apply makeup. There are some products out there that are self-heating, which is perfect for a winter morning. But as most are apart of the exfoliation process – a manual skin renewal system, perfect for removing old and dull skin – they can only be used max twice a week, so pick your mornings.

I personally use the Sanctuary Spa Warming Micro-Brasion Polish (RRP $19.99). Not only twice a week do I get to smooth my skin surface, leaving a brighter finish, but I love the warming sensation on a cold morning, it starts the day off perfectly – It warms up on contact to open pores and stimulate circulation, used in small circular movements; you’ll thank me for the results later.

On the off days that I can’t get a little warmer in the shower, I opt to massage my moisturiser into the skin a little more than usual. This helps warm up the skin and stimulate circulation, bringing colour to the face, feeling a little warmer.

MB PRO TIP – We all love a hot shower in winter, but warm is best as if your water temperature is too hot, your skin will get dryer – more work than what its worth.

When it comes to makeup, we may feel be feeling a little pale, but the worst thing you can do is change your foundation shade to look warmer.

Keep your true skin colour and add warmth elsewhere – this avoids any lighting changes throughout the day that may not be the same as where you first applied. Because no one likes visible signs of foundation.

I like to add warmth with bronzer, nothing highly pigmented, just a light glow. Dust a small amount over the entire face, starting in the centre of the face first – as this is where sun hits the face naturally – then sweep outwards so you get no unwanted build up on the jaw or in the hair line.

Adding the same bronzer – hopefully it is matte, for better results – under the cheekbone for contour is the perfect winter warmer, or any season really! It will create more of a hollow, lifting the bone higher and the tone being a bronzer gives an overall warm glow to your somewhat cool complexion.

MB PRO TIP – I would even go a step further and use a touch of bronzer in a light circular movement on the apple of the cheek. If you are feeling cold, look cold and then put a cool tone pink on as blush, you will look even colder!

Hot Eyes

Fashion trends see deep, rich tones, bold colours and prints and lots of black and grey during winter, but do our eyes need to be grey? I think not…

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good charcoal smokey eye, but a lot of us make them look to ‘cool’ in winter and they can lose their depth and become to silvery.

Winter is the time for depth, warm, rich tones and matte. You’ve got to love matte in winter: the smoothness of it all just suits winter fashion. Leave your metallic shades, bright colours and creamy washes of colour for summer!

Before I apply any eye makeup, I use a taupe shade of eye shadow, or in most cases, a bronzer as a base for eye makeup. This maps out a stencil of the shape you will have, working most of the colour on the mobile lid and into the eye socket for lift – it’s my contour shade.

As it is a bronzer style of pigment, it warms up the eye instantly – contrasting all eye colours and giving a mini lift – especially when applied to the socket area when eyes are open, receding away any unwanted puffiness that may be present.  If you are using a smokey grey as a base especially, but any shade over the top, it will give that shade more depth and more importantly in this case, warmth.

Smokey grey shadows don’t have to look cool and silvery if you use a bronzer as a base/contour first – it really gives more punch and richness, perfect for a winter look.

MB PRO TIP – Matte shades of chocolate, granite, plum and even navy are fabulous for the outer top and lower lash lines and mobile lid to socket area in winter. Starting with a bronzer first gives shape, contour, lift and warmth to your overall eye look – add layers of black mascara and boom, rich winter depth.

Brows can be a little more styled in winter with a tad more depth running through them. Use a taupe/grey eye shadow or brow powder in little feathering flicks to mimic real hairs and always brush through in an upwards direction to give lift to the face.

Heated Lips

Winter is the season to play up on your lips. Add bold lips if wearing neutral or dark colours in fashion and go warm nude tones for contrast if wearing rich of bold prints.

It’s all about balance and contrast with makeup and fashion, never be too matchy-matchy as it can sometimes just be a little confusing on where your focal points are.

I love a matte wintery red wine lip, but if you are already quite fair and pink based with skin tone, and feeling cold on top of that, then I’m sorry to tell you, but, a red wine lip is not for you – you’ll look freezing!

If you are feeling the cold and your lips are too, in addition to keeping them extra moisturised, use summery undertones with your lip shades. Think caramel nudes, brick reds and even more plum for an olive base skin.

In winter rich depth is key to mastering your look, but the shade you choose is everything. The golden rule is to look at your skin tone – if you have pink present go warm shades, if you have a yellow/dull skin tone add cooler tones, but in winter, as long as it has richness and depth, in any shade you choose you are winning.

MB PRO TIP – Winter lips often mean chapped lips. Keep them smooth by gently exfoliating the same time as you apply to your face in very small, circular movements and then hydrated morning and night – matte lipsticks love a plump lip base, just like foundation for the face.

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